Colloquium - Berengere Dubrulle - Regularity of Turbulence: where do we stand?


Speaker: Berengere Dubrulle (CNRS, SPEC, University Paris-Saclay, France)

Title: Regularity of Turbulence: where do we stand?

Abstract: Turbulence, a phenomenon observed by physicists in natural and laboratory flows, is thought to be described by Navier-Stokes equations (NSE). Mathematicians are wondering whether NSE are well posed, namely whether they can develop a singularity in finite time from regular initial conditions. Given that, it is natural to investigate regularity properties of turbulence.
In this talk, I will review available tools to investigate statistical and deterministic regularity of turbulent flows, some of which are directly inspired from regularity tools developed by mathematicians for NSE. I will also describe the results of application of such tools to numerical simulations of NSE or to state-of-the art experimental measurements and discuss their link and potential implication regarding regularity properties of NSE.

Location: Virtual

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