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Evelyn Nelson Lectures

2023-2024 Lecture
Friday March 15, 2024

Speaker: Henry Yuen, Columbia University

Title: A Tale of Turing Machines, Quantum Entanglement, and Operator Algebras

Past Nelson Lectures:




2022-2023 Anush Tserunyan
Ohio State
A descriptive set theorist’s approach to pointwise ergodic theorems
2021-2022 Chris Miller
Ohio State
Tameness and metric dimensions in expansions of the real field
2020-2021  Ehud Hrushovski On the logic of finite fields (with an additive character.) 
2019-2020 Dragos Ghioca
University of British Columbia
Invariant varieties under the action of one-variable polynomials 
2018-2019 Maryanthe Malliaris
University of Chicago
Model theory and ultraproducts
2017-2018 Julia Gordon
UBC and Cornell
 Uniform integration
2016-2017 Ross Willard
Department of Pure Mathematics
University of Waterloo
Finiteness conditions on the equational laws of finite algebraic structures
2015-2016 Philipp Hieronymi
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Dimensional concordance and logical tameness
2014-2015 Jaroslav Nesetril
Charles University
Homomorphisms, Ramsey theory and structural limits
2013-2014 Ilijas Farah
York University
Logic and the classification of C*-algebras
2012–2013 Philipp Habegger
Princeton Univeristy and Frankfurt
Non-Archimedean approximations by special points
2011–2012 Michael Singer
North Carolina State University
Factorization of partial differential operators and differential algebraic groups
2010–2011 Sergei Starchenko
Notre Dame University
O-minimality and Diophantine geometry
2009–2010 Alasdair Urquhart
University of Toronto
Von Neumann, Godel and complexity theory
2008–2009 Alex Wilkie
Manchester University
Model theory and analytic continuation for implicitly defined functions
2007–2008 Phokion Kolaitis
IBM Almaden Research Center
Constraint satisfaction, complexity, and logic
2006–2007 Julia Knight
Notre Dame
Comparing classes of structures
2005–2006 Michael Shub
University of Toronto
Computing over the real and complex numbers
2004–2005 Thomas Scanlon
University of California, Berkeley
A logical perspective on difference equations
2003–2004 Ya’acov Peterzil
Definable groups in o-minimal structures
2002–2003 Alexander Kechris
California Institute of Technology
Applications of ergodic theory to set theory
2001–2002 Patrick Speissegger
University of Wisconsin
Constructing o-minimal structures
2000–2001 Dugald Macpherson
University of Leeds
Reconstructing models from their automorphism groups
1999–2000 Toni Pitassi
University of Arizona
A new proof of the weak pigeonhole principle
1998–1999 Olga Kharlampovich
McGill University
Equations and first-order formulas over free and fully residually free groups
1996–1997 Chris Laskowski
University of Maryland
What do the law of large numbers, PAC learning, neural networks and model theory have in common?
1994–1995 Askold Khovanskii
University of Toronto
Newton polyhedra
1994–1995 Dave Marker
University of Illinois, Chicago
Model theory and exponentiation
1993–1994 Lou van den Dries
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Logic and local fields
1992–1993 Ralph McKenzie
University of California, Berkeley
Equations, lattices and structure: sixty years of research in universal algebra
1991–1992 Angus Macintyre
University of Oxford
Model theory of analytic functions