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Britton Lectures


Dr. Peter Bartlett
Professor, Department of Statistics at University of California, Berkeley

April 22 – 25, 2024

Topics in Deep Learning Theory

Upcoming Lectures

Benign Overfitting

Monday April 22, 2024
Time: 3:30-4:30PM

Improving optimization efficiency by choosing the step size too large for gradient descent

Tuesday April 23, 2024
Time: 3:30-4:30 PM

In-context learning linear models with transformers

Wednesday April 24, 2024
Time: 3:30-4:30 PM

Optimization in Deep Networks: convergence of Sharpness Aware Minimization and the edge of stability

Thursday April 25, 2024
Time: 10:30-11:30 AM

Past Britton Lecture Series:





Suncica Canic
University of California, Berkeley

A Mathematical Approach to the Design of a Bioartificial Pancreas

Samit Dasgupta
Duke University

Stark units, Regulators, and Hilbert’s 12th problem: an introduction to special values of L-functions

Link to Video Recordings


Richard Schwartz
Brown University

Things you can do with simple shapes and a computer

Link to video recordings

2019-20 Thomas Scanlon
University of California, Berkeley
Differential and difference equations through model theory
2018-19 Susan Holmes
Stanford University
Combining statistics and geometry for effective data integration

Link to video recordings
2017-2018 Rene Carmona
Princeton University
Mean Field Games: Theory and Applications over a Decade after their Introduction
2016-2017 Frederick Adler
University of Utah
Unifying mathematical principles across the biological sciences: from viruses and bacteria to ants and plants
Link to video recordings 
2015-2016 Ingrid Daubechies
Duke University
Selected Topics in Applied Mathematics


2014-2015 Craig Evans
University of California at Berkeley
Nonlinearity and partial differential equations: some recent perspectives
2013-2014 Henri Darmon
McGill University
Elliptic curves and Artin representations
2012–2013 Martin Bridson
University of Oxford
Non-positive curvature in group theory
2011–2012 S. R. Srinivasa Varadhan
Courant Institute, New York University
Some infinite or large dimensional problems. Interacting particle systems.
2010–2011 Gerhard Huisken
Max-Planck Institute
Analytic and geometric properties of mean curvature flow
2009–2010 Nick Trefethen
Oxford University
Numerical computation with a sense of history
2008–2009 Ravi Vakil
Stanford University
Moduli spaces in algebraic geometry
2007–2008 Chris Rogers
University of Cambridge
Optimal investment
2006–2007 Donald Dawson
Carleton University
Stochastic population systems and measure-valued processes
2005–2006 Toniann Pitassi
University of Toronto
Propositional proof complexity
2004–2005 David Rand
University of Warwick
Mathematical challenges of systems biology
2003–2004 Dr. Haim Brezis
Universite Pierre et Marie Curie & Rutgers University
The Ginzburg-Landau model: An amazing source of new problems and results in analysis & topology
2002–2003 John Coates
Cambridge University
Iwasawa algebras and arithmetic
2001–2002 Robion Kirby
University of California, Berkeley
Lectures on Ozsvath and Szabo’s Floer-homology for 3-manifolds
2000–2001 David Brillinger
University of California, Berkeley
Random process data analysis: concepts & examples
1999–2000 Peter Schneider
Westfalische Wilhelms-Universitat
p-adic representation theory
1998–1999 David C. Brydges
University of Virginia
Analysis with functional integrals
1997–1998 Neil S. Trudinger
Australian National University
Isoperimetric inequalities & Hessian operators
1996–1997 Anand Pillay
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Model theory, algebra & number theory: some recent interactions
1995–1996 R.V. Moody
University of Alberta
Meyer sets and aperiodic crystals
1994–1995 Carlos E. Kenig
University of Chicago, Chicago
Oscillatory integrals and non-linear dispersive differential equations
1993–1994 Ronnie Lee
Yale University
Instantons and three-manifolds
1992–1993 Joseph J. Kohn
Princeton University
Pseudodifferential operators and several complex variables
1991–1992 Ronald L. Graham
AT&T Bell Laboratories
Quasi-randomness in combinatorics
1990–1991 Samuel Karlin
Stanford University
Mathematical & statistical problems associated with protein and DNA sequences
1989–1990 Michael Aizenman
Courant Institute, New York University
Adventures in statistical mechanics
1988–1989 Richard M. Schoen
Stanford University
Variational problems for Riemannian metrics
1987–1988 Victor P. Snaith
University of Western Ontario
Artin L-functions
1986–1987 Jerry L. Bona
Pennsylvania State University
1985–1986 Frank H. Clarke
Centre de Recherche Mathematiques, University of Montreal
Non-smooth optimization
1984–1985 C.R. Rao
University of Pittsburgh
Characterizations of probability distributions
1983–1984 Dana S. Scott
Carnegie-Mellon University
Logic and computing
1982–1983 Marvin Shinbrot
University of Victoria
The Boltzmann equation
1981–1982 Louis Nirenberg
Courant Institute,  New York University
Variational and topological methods in nonlinear problems
1980–1981 Peter J. Hilton
Case Western Reserve University
Nilpotency as a link between group theory and homotopy theory
1979–1980 Ian N. Sneddon
University of Glasgow
Integral transforms and fractional integration in elasticity theory
1978–1979 Paul L. Butzer
Technical University of Aachen
The Banach-Steinhaus theorem, generalizations of the Shannon sampling theorem