Colloquium - Eric Bonnetier - The Neumann-Poincaré spectrum of the bowtie


Speaker: Eric Bonnetier (Grenoble)

Title: The Neumann-Poincaré spectrum of the bowtie

Abstract: We are interested in the modelling of composite media made of inclusions embedded in a matrix phase. In such media, the presence of touching or close to touching inclusions may enhance the concentration of the fields, an interesting fact for applications. This is the case in the study of plasmonic resonances of metallic particles.

This phenomenon can be understood by analyzing the spectral properties of the Neumann-Poincar\'e operator (or double layer potential) an integral operator that provides a representation of the solution to
the associated elliptic PDE.
In this talk, we will describe the spectrum of this operator in the particular geometric configuration defined by a bowtie nano-antenna.

Location: Virtual

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