Undergraduate Research Projects


Lily Boyd Bell - Fragile Foundations: Identifying Knowledge Gaps in Secondary-Tertiary Transition.Secondary-Tertiary Transition. Supervisor: Dr. M. Lovric
Mike Cummings - Geometric Vertex Decomposition and Hessenberg Patch Ideals.Hessenberg Patch Ideals. Supervisors: Dr. M. Harada, Dr. J. Rajchgot 
Seva Skvortsov - Computablility on the Naturals and on the Reals. Supervisor: Dr. J. Zucker
Chris Stavnitzky - Intra-portfolio CDO Bond Correlation. Supervisor: Dr. D. Lozinski 


Yufeng Li - Generalized Inverse Gaussian frailty model. Supervisor: Dr. N. Balakrishnan
Runyue Wang - Minimal Resolutions of the Alexander dual ofthe van der Waerden Complex. Supervisors: Dr. J.Rajchgot, Dr. A. Van Tuyl
Queenie Zeng - Incorporating Symbolic and Automatic Differentiation in a General-Purpose Likelihood Optimization Function. Supervisor Dr. B. Bolker
Zijie Zhao- On a general cure rate frailty model and associated inference. Supervisor: Dr. N. Balakrishnan


Fang Wang - On the Equivalence of Tests for Outliers for Pareto and Exponential Distributions, Supervisor: Dr. N. Balakrishnan 
Eden Petruccelli - Vertex Decomposability and Regularity of Down-Left Graphs, Supervisor: Dr. A. Van Tuyl 
Nick Plati - Numerical Exploration of Associative and Coassociative Submanifolds of R7, Supervisor: Dr. J. Madnick
Elisa Du - Variable Selection for Clustering via Manly Transformation, Supervisor: Dr. P. McNicholas
Jini Xu - Development of an Improved Classification System for Meteorites, Supervisor: Dr. S. McNicholas
Johanna Schwartzentruber - To Four Colours and Beyond, Supervisor: Dr. H. Boden
Swaleh Hussain - Using Machine Learning to analyze Census Data, Supervisor: Dr. S. McNicholas
Ke Liang Xiao - An Introduction to Morse theory, Supervisor: Dr. H. Boden 


Bartosz Syroka - A Theorem of Arnold and Jost on Integrable Hamiltonian Systems, Supervisors: Dr. S. Alama and Dr. W. Craig
Yuyang Ye - A Review of Data Simpliļ¬cation and Dimension Reduction Methods, Supervisor: Dr. N. Balakrishnan
Daniel Presta - Investigation of an Extended Climate-Economy Model, Supervisors: Dr. B. Bolker and Dr. M. Grasselli
Sang Woo Park - Estimating time-varying transmission rates of the SIR model, Supervisor: Dr. B. Bolker
Prabin Niroula - Powers of Edge Ideals and their Multiplicities, Supervisor: Dr. A. VanTuyl
Adam Shen - Sociodemographic and medical factors as predictors of wait time for women with uterine cancer in Ontario, Supervisor: Dr. G. Pond


Hana Dampf - Clustering Longitudinal Data with Added Robustness through Cholesky-Decomposed Contaminated Gaussian Mixture Models, Supervisor: Dr. P. McNicholas
Jennifer Freeman - The Progression of Lattice-based Cryptography, Supervisor: Dr. D. Stebila
Alex Kerzner - Cryptographic Pairings and Anonymous Credentials, Supervisor:  Dr. D. Stebila
Elizabeth Webb - Mathematical Modelling of Tsunami Waves, Supervisor: Dr. N. Kevlahan 


Dominique Dupont-Jillings - Reduced Simplicial Homology and Circulant Graphs, Supervisor: Dr. A. Van Tuyl
Nurefsan Davulcu - Microbial Impact on Metabolics within different Ethnic Groups in CanadaSupervisor: Dr. J. Stearns
Sophie MacDonald - Mathematical and computational models of nonequilibrium thermodynamic and electrochemical phenomena in Lithium-ion batteries, Supervisor: Dr. B. Protas 
Teshaun Murray - Applications of data scienceSupervisor: Dr. P. McNicholas 
Vanessa Bierling - A Latent Gaussian Mixture Model for Longitudinal DataSupervisor: Dr. P. McNicholas
Nikola Pocuca - Modeling Individual Claims with the Generalized Linear Transformed Mixture Cluster-Weighted Model, Supervisor: Dr. P. McNicholas 
Robert White - Evolution of altruism in spatial games via continuous tag and strategy evolution, Supervisor: Dr. B. Bolker


Hilton Maurer -
 Integral Defi nite Rational Functions on Valued Fields, Supervisor: Dr. D. Haskell
Angelina Pesevski - High-Dimensional Clustering: Multidimensional Scaling and Mixture ModelsSupervisor: Dr. P. McNicholas
Zheng Jing (Jimmy) Hu -Survival Analysis Modeling with Parametric Distributions of the Location-Scale FamilySupervisor: Dr. N. Balakrishnan


Michael Gallaugher - Fast Approximations to Linear Mixed Effects Models With Applications in Genome-Wide Association Studies, Supervisor: Dr. A. Canty
Se-Jin Kim - Continuous model theory and free probability theorySupervisor: Dr. B. Hart


Jamal Kawach - Khovanov Homology, Slice Invariants, and Exotic R4, Supervisor: Dr. H. Boden

Lee W. van Brussel - Augmented Capacity: Upper Bounds to Eigenvalues of Broken DrumsSupervisor: Dr. L. Bronsard
Anna Lucic - Integration of Mathematics into Interdisiplinary Science ProgramsSupervisor: Dr. M. Lovric
Anne Marie Kosar - Patterns of the Use of Technology in Transition from High School to University MathematicsSupervisor: Dr. M. Lovric
Julian Wong - Optimization of Omega Measure Under Jointly Normal DistributionSupervisor: Dr. T. Privu


Christopher J. Adkins - Minimizers for Axisymmetric MembranesSupervisor: Dr. L. Bronsard
Nigel Sequeira - Infinitary Continuous Model TheorySupervisor: Dr. B. Hart
Michelle Spano - The Effects of Problem-Based Learning on RetentionSupervisor: Dr. D. Lozinski
Chengzhu Xu - Numerical Modelling of the Dynamical Evolution of Contact Lines in Fluid FlowsSupervisor: Dr. D. Pelinovsky


Michelle Hurst - The Effect of Student Attitudes and Beliefs on Mathematics Education, Supervisor: Dr. M. Lovric
Alexander Poon - Problem Based Learning and its Effects on RetentionSupervisor: Dr. D. Lozinski
Lindsay White -  A Topological Analysis of Music, Supervisor: Dr. M. Kolster

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