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Private Tutor

The individuals listed below offer private tutoring which is completely separate and independent from the University. The information below has been provided by the individuals listed; the University makes no guarantee as to its accuracy. The University provides this information only as a resource service for students and as such it makes no assurance(s) as to the quality of tutoring services offered.



Abhiroop Chowdhury  Calculus, Linear algebra, and ALL undergraduate statistics courses
Dylan McGinley Calculus classes, linear algebra, analysis, differential equations, geometry and topology. Undergraduate theoretical physics, and high school math
Mike Cummings I can tutor any first year math course and Math 2R03, 2XX3, 3A03, 3IA3, 3V03
Madison Goertz  Calculus, linear Algebra and ODE’s
Mackenzie Neal All Statistics courses
Daniel Barake Introduction to proofs, first and second year calculus, Linear Algebra, Introduction to Real Analysis, Abstract Algebra
Manan Mukherjee All undergraduate stats courses, first- and second-year calculus and Linear Algebra. Can also help with STATS 2DA3 i.e. introduction to Data science methods.
Jing Cai All undergraduate Statistics courses
Angela Wang Stats 1L03, 2B03, 2MB3 and Math 1B03
Elkin Ramirez Calculus, Linear Algebra, ODEs
Mengjie Bian Undergraduate Statistics courses
Avesta Ahmadi Engineering Mathematics, Numerical Methods for Differential Equations, Calculus for Science and Life Sciences, Linear Algebra and Scientific Computing
Dicle Mutlu First-year Calculus
Kavitha Neelangol Math 1B03, 1LS3, 2R03 and Stats 1L03, 2B03, 2D03, 2MB3
Jie Chen Calculus, Linear Algebra
Michael Agronah Calculus, Ordinary Differential Equations, Differentiation and Integration Techniques, Differential Equations Applied in Modeling and Linear Algebra, High School Math
Silas Vriend Intro to Proofs, First- and Second-year Calculus, Linear Algebra, Real Analysis, Complex Analysis, Abstract Algebra, Mathematical Physics
Jamal Shabani High school math courses, All undergrad math courses, Calculus, Linear Algebra, Complex analysis, ODEs, PDEs, Numerical Analysis, Web programming
Pengfei Cai Undergraduate Statistics courses and first-year Math courses
Haobai Wang Graph theory and group theory
Subhajit Mishra Calculus, Linear Algebra, MATH 2ZZ3
Yufeng Li High School Math, all first-year math courses, Stats 2D03 & Stats 2MB3
Omid Moghtader High School Mathematics, Calculus Courses, Probability Courses, Differential Equations Courses, Linear Algebra Courses
Lisa Patrascu Calculus (eg. 1X, 1XX, 1F, 1K, 1LS, 1LT, 1A, 1AA), mathematical computation (1MP3), first year engineering (1Z) and physics courses.
Ramkrishna Samanta  All Calculus and Analysis course, Linear algebra, Probability theory, Statistics, Stochastic processes, Differential equation, Complex analysis, Graph theory.
James Hornick Calculus, Linear algebra, Complex analysis, Calculus of variations, Probability and statistics, Differential equations
Ming Qi  ALL undergraduate math courses, ALL undergraduate physics courses, High-school math, High-school physics, AP calculus, AP physics.
Michaela Kelly First year calculus or functions courses
Elorm Sowu All undergraduate statistics courses, MATH 4FM3, MATH 3G03
Samba Dumbuya  High school math, Linear Algebra, ODE, Calculus level 1 , PDE and finite element method
Kate Tretiakova  High school math, calculus, linear algebra, intro abstract algebra, intro to proofs, probability.
Thomas Flynn High school math, undergraduate math and statistics
Kieran Bhaskara First and second-year calculus courses, Linear Algebra, Intro to Mathematical Reasoning, 2R03, 3GR3, 3H03, 3IA3, 3V03, 3U03