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Actuarial and Financial Math Supplementary Application

Admission to level 2 or above of the Actuarial and Financial Mathematics (AFM) program in the department of Mathematics & Statistics at McMaster University, requires completion of a supplemental application. The main intended effects of this supplemental application are:

  • Setting a level of required communication and professional development skills for entry to the program.
  • Identifying the importance of these skills to the students.
  • Creating an opportunity to engage with students about their development.

For reference purposes only, previous year’s supplemental application questions were:

  1. Why are you more interested in the Actuarial and Financial Mathematics program than other mathematics or statistics programs at McMaster?
  2. What are some of the key professional skills that you hope to learn and/or develop during your time as an undergraduate at McMaster? How do you hope to develop them?
  3. Choose a mathematical theorem or formula and explain what it is about in a way that someone with little mathematical knowledge could understand.

There are separate supplementary applications for students currently in Level 1 (entering level 2 in September) and for those in upper years, please select and submit the correct supplementary application as well as a program selection in MOSAIC. Supplementary applications will open on April 3 and close on May 6.

Supplementary application for students currently in Level 1entering Level 2 of the AFM program in September click here
Supplementary application for upper levels
(currently in level 2 or above ) click here