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    The Department of Mathemathics and Statistics researches a wide variety of topics.

Our Research Areas

The following research areas are well-represented in the department:

Photo of an algebraic equation on a chalk board

Algebra, Algebraic Geometry, and Number Theory

The study of of algebraic structures, or sets with a finite number of operations that satisfy a number of fixed axioms.

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Analysis is the study of functions, continuity and discontinuity, and infinity and the infinitesimal.

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Applied Mathematics

Applied Mathematics is the study of applied partial differential equations, dynamical systems, mathematical biology, mathematical finance, and numerical analysis.

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Computational Statistics & Data Science

Computational Statistics and Data Science is the application of high level techniques to complex data.

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Financial graph on a computer screen

Actuarial and Financial Mathematics

Financial Mathematics, or PhiMAC, develops analytical and computational tools for analysis, modeling, and decision making in financial markets.

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Primary colour geometric shapes over grid paper

Geometry & Topology

Geometry & Toplogy is the study of quantitative and qualitative properties of space.

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Mathematical Biology

Mathematical Biology focuses on the development and analysis of models of population dynamics and evolution.

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Mathematical Logic

Mathematical Logic is the study of underlying patterns of algebraic and geometric structures.

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Probability & Statistics

Probability & Statistics is the interdisciplinary study of theoretical probability, applied probaility, mathematical statistics, and applied statistics.

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