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Model Theory Seminar Archive

Past Seminars:




Feb 1/19 Patrick Speissegger,
McMaster University
Limit cycles of planar vector fields, Hilbert’s 16th problem and o-minimality
Nov 30/18 Joel (Ronnie) Nagloo
City University of New York
A general theory of strongly minimal sets of Schwarz type
Nov 23/18 Johnson Tan
McMaster University
Attempts at Schützenberger Theorem for tree languages
Nov 16/18 Steven Lazarro
McMaster University
BCI machine
Nov 9/18 Anthony Bonato
Ryerson University
The new world of infinite random geometric graphs
Nov 2/18 Aaron Crighton
McMaster University
Oct 26/18 Erin Caulfield
McMaster University
Definable sets in expansions of the real field by some complex subgroups
Oct 16/18 Ary Shaviv
Weizmann Institute of Science
Schwarz functions on subanalytic manifolds
Oct 5/18 Matt Valeriote
McMaster University
Definability of regular tree languagesPart II
Sept 28/18 Maryanthe Malliaris
University of Chicago
A new simple theory
Sept 14/18 Matt Valeriote
McMaster University
Definability of regular tree languages 
April 6/18 Chris Miller
Ohio State University
Component-closed expansions of the real line (preliminary report)
Mar 27/18 Santiago Camacho
University of Illinois
Three recent results of truncation in Transseries
Mar 20/18 Peter Sinclair
McMaster University
 Title and Abstract tba
Mar 13/18 Margaret Thomas
McMaster University
Definable topologies and definable compactness in o-minimal structures
Mar 9/18 Erik Walsberg Defining field structure in a first order expansion of the ordered additive group of real numbers

Mar 6/18 Erin Caulfield Classifying expansions of the real field by complex subgroups
Mar 2/18 Jacob Tsimerman
University of Toronto
Ax-Schanuel for Shimura Varieties
Jan 23 & 30/18 Deirdre Haskell
McMaster University
Elimination of imaginaries in theories of valued fields
Jan 16/18 Bradd Hart
McMaster University
The Urysohn sphere is pseudofinite
Dec 5/17 Jamal Kawach
University of Toronto
Ramsey properties of Fraïssé classes of finite measure algebras
Nov 28/17 Steven Lazzarro
McMaster University
A Special Example of a Non-McDuff Factor with Property ?
Nov 21/17 Alberto Chicco
McMaster University
Maltsev conditions obtained by the omission of certain algebraic structures
Nov 14/17 Patrick Speissegger
McMaster University
Quasianalytic Ilyashenko algebras
Nov 7/17 Aaron Crighton
McMaster University
Computing VC-density in P-minimal Theories
Oct 31/17 Tobias Kaiser
Univ  of Passau
Asymptotics of parametrized exponential integrals given by Brownian motion on globally subanalytic sets 
Oct 24/17 Dioga Pocas
McMaster University
Analog Computability in Differential Equations
Oct 17/17 Margaret Thomas
McMaster University
Effective Pila–Wilkie bounds for Pfaffian surfaces
 Oct 3/17 Jesse Han
McMaster University
Strong conceptual completeness and internal adjunctions in Def (T)
Sept 29/17 Julia Gordon
UBC and Cornell
Locus conditions and transfer principles
Sept 26/17 Peter Sinclair
McMaster University
Dp-finite fields
Sept. 12/17 James Rooney
McMaster University
Loops and Congruence Varieties
Sept 19/17 Ian Payne
McMaster University
Residually Large Varieties of 2-Semilattices
Feb 2/17 Bradd Hart
McMaster University
Practical definability…cont
Jan 19/17 Bradd Hart
McMaster University
Practical definability
Jan 9/17 Nigel Pynn-Coates
D-Henselian Extensions of Valued Differential Fields
Nov 28/16 Jesse Han
McMaster University
Reconstruction theorems for $\omega$-categorical structures,  continued
Nov 7/16 Bradd Hart
Math & Stats Dept
McMaster University
An example of measure in model theory
Oct 24/16 James Rooney
McMaster University
Universal Algebra and Infinite Domain CSPs
Oct 3/16 Alex Kazda
IST, Austria
What can a single linear equality do?
Sept 26/16 Peter Sinclair
McMaster University
When does NIP transfer from fields to henselian expansions?
Sept 19/16 Matthew Moore
McMaster University
Cube term blockers
Apr 8/16 Silvain Rideau
University of California, Berkeley
Imaginaries in separably closed valued fields
Apr 1/16 Hossein Taghinejad
Math & Stats Dept
McMaster University
Bounding the decay of P-adic oscillatory integrals with a constructible amplitude function and a subanalytic phase function
Mar 4/16 Omar Leon Sanchez
Math & Stats Dept
McMaster University
On the differential Galois correspondence
Mar 11/16 Bradd Hart
Math & Stats Dept
McMaster University
On the theories of McDuff’s II$_1$ factors
Mar 18/16 Lou van den Dries (UIUC) Differential-Henselian Fields
Feb 26/16 Matt Valeriote
Math & Stats Dept
McMaster Universit
Learnability and Testability (Part II)
Feb 5/16 Alex Kruckman
UC Berkele
Properly Ergodic Structures
Jan 29/16 Deirdre Haskell
McMaster University
Tame theories of fields with a predicate for a discrete subgroup
Jan 22/16 Matt Moore
Vanderbilt University
Absorption and directed Jonsson terms
Jan 15/16 Matt Valeriote
McMaster University
Learnability and Testability
Dec 4/15 Philipp Hieronymi A tame Cantor set
Nov 27/15 Somayeh Vojdani
Notre Dame
Compactifications of Nonstandard Finite Cyclic Groups
Nov 20/15 Ross Willard (No) Progress on the CSP Dichotomy Conjecture
Nov 13/15 Alberto Chicco Some topics on the modularity conjecture in the lattice of interpretability types of varieties.
Nov 6/15 Omar Leon Sanchez
McMaster University
On the existence of differential Galois extensions
Oct 30/15 Carlos Arreche
On the computation of the difference-differential Galois group for a second-order linear difference equation
Oct 23/15 Caroline Terry
University of Illinois at Chicago
Some new logical zero-one laws
Oct 2/15 Bradd Hart
McMaster University
The model theoretic universe
Sept 25/15 Anand Pillay
Univ of Notre Dame
Compactifications of pseudofinite groups
June 18/14 Bradd Hart
McMaster University
On pseudo-finite dimensions
Apr 8/14 Patrick Speissegger,
McMaster University
 A quasianalytic algebra based on the Hardy field of log-exp-analytic functions
April 1/14 Omar Leon Sanchez,
McMaster University
A model-theoretic application to Poisson algebras
Mar 24/14 Matt Luther,
McMaster University
Interpreting Fields in Symmetric Spaces
– Part II
Mar 18/14 Alexander Wires,
University of Waterloo
Dichotomy for Finite Tournaments of Mixed-Type
Mar 11/14 Ross Willard,
University of Waterloo
Finite axiomatizability of “small” equational theories
Mar 4/14 Matt Luther
McMaster University
Interpreting Fields in Symmetric Spaces
Feb 25/14 Barbara Csima Isomorphisms of Computable Structures
Feb 11/14 Matt Luther
McMaster University
Definability in symmetric spaces
Jan 28/14 Omar Leon Sanchez
McMaster University
On isolated types in DCF (part II)
Dec 6/13 Hossein Taghinejad
McMaster University
Further motivic integration
Nov 26/13 James Freitag
Almost simple differential and superstable groups
Nov 15/13 Hossein Taghinejad
McMaster University
Further motivic integration
Nov 12/13 Will Boney
Forking in short and tame abstract elementary classes
Nov 8/13 Erik Walsberg
Metric geometry in the o-minimal setting
Oct 18/13 Hossein Taghinejad
McMaster University
More motivic integration
Oct 4/13 Deirdre Haskell
McMaster University
Introduction to Hrushovski-Kazhdanic motivic integration  (contd)
Sept 20/13 Deirdre Haskell
McMaster University
Geometric motivic integration a la Hrushovski-Kazhdan — an overview
Apr 5/13 Alfred Dolich
Maximal automorphisms
Mar 22/13 Bradd Hart
McMaster University
Conceptual completeness in continuous logic
Mar 1/13 Eva Leenknegt
Purdue University
Properties of definable functions in P-minimal structures
Jan 25/13 Rahim Moosa
University of Waterloo
Model theory of fields with (non-commuting) operators
Jan 18/13 Saugata Basu
Purdue University
From combinatorial complexity to triangulations of monotone families



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