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Apr 12/19 Susan Holmes (Britton Lectures)
Stanford University
Combining Statistics and Geometry for Effective Data IntegrationCombining Statistics and Geometry for Effective Data Integration
Apr 5/19 Seyed Moghadas
York University
Estimating Influenza Vaccine EffectivenessEstimating Influenza Vaccine Effectiveness
Mar 29/19 Jean-Pierre Fouque 
University of California Santa Barbara
Stochastic Games with Delay: a Toy Model
Mar 22/19 Jacek Szmigielski
University of Saskatchewan
Inverse Spectral Problems Inspired by Lax Integrable Peakon Equations
Mar 15/19 David Cox
Amherst College
Moment Maps of Toric Varieties, Linear Precision, and Maximum Likelihood Degree One
Mar 8/19 Henry Towsner
University of Pennsylvania
Do We Need Infinity?
Mar 1/19 Dan Ashlock
University of Guelph
Unary Genetic Programming with Applications
Feb 15/19 Peter Horak
University of Washington-Tacoma
Algebraic Methods in Tilings
Feb 8/19 Ihsan Topaloglu
Virginia Commonwealth University
Nonlocal Geometric Variational Problems: Anisotropic Extensions of Gamow’s Liquid Drop Model
Feb 15/19 Peter Horak
University of Washington
Algebraic methods in tilings
Jan 25/19 Kim McAuley
Queen’s University
Estimating parameters and Model Uncertainty in Fundamental Dynamic Models using Historical Data
Jan 18/19 Vera Hur
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Water waves: breaking, peaking and disintegration
Jan 11/19 George Dragomir
Yang Tang
Jose Morales Escalante
McMaster University
Postdoc Threads
Nov 30/18 Joel (Ronnie) Nagloo
City University of New York
Model theory, transcendence and automorphic functions
Nov 23/18 Lei Sun
University of Toronto
Back to the future: ‘simple’ regression models for complex genetic association studies
Nov 16/18 Eric Klassen
Florida State
Elastic Shape Analysis
Nov 9/18 Anthony Bonato
Ryerson University
What we know and don’t know about the cop number of a graph
Nov 2/18 Sebastian Jaimungal
University of Toronto
Mean-Field Games with Differing Beliefs for Algorithmic Trading 
Oct 26/18 Adrian Nachman,
University of Toronto
A Nonlinear Plancherel Theorem, Global Well-Posedness for the Defocusing Davey-Stewartson Equation and the Inverse Boundary Value Problem of Calderon
Oct 5/18 Askold Khovanskii,
University of Toronto
Bkk Theorem, Convex Geometry and Intersection Theory
Sept 28/18 Maryanthe Malliaris,
University of Chicago
Model theory and ultraproducts
This colloquium is also part of the Nelson Lecture
Sept 21/18 Dror Bar Natan,
University of Toronto
The Kashiwara-Vergne Problem and Topology
Sept 14/18 Lia Bronsard
J.P. Gabardo
D. Pelinovsky
McMaster University
Faculty Threads
Apr 16/18 Mark LewisUniversity of Alberta Genetic consequences of range expansion under climate change
Apr 6/18 Karen Smith, University of Michigan Measuring Singularities
Mar 23/18 Lila Kari, University of Waterloo The Mathematics of Genomes
Mar 16/18 M. Ram Murty, Queen’s University The Central Limit Theorem In Algebra And Number Theory
Mar 9/18 Rene Carmona, Princeton University Optimal Control of McKean-Vlasov Equations (Mean Field Control) and the Price of Anarchy
Mar 2/18 Jacob Tsimerman, University of Toronto Results in Unlikely Intersections
Feb 16/18 Xia Chen
University of Tennessee
Parabolic Anderson equations with rough noise
Feb 9/18 B. Banaschewski
McMaster University
Remarks on the function rings of pointfree topology
Feb 2/18 Matheus Grasselli
McMaster University
Macroeconomics for Mathematicians
Jan 26/18 Elizabeth Milicevic
Haverford College
Flag Varieties and Alcove Walks
Jan 19/18 David Duncan,
Margaret Thomas,
Dario Valdebenito
McMaster  University
A tapestry of mathematical research: postdoc threads
Jan 5/18 Dave Auckly, Kansas State University Math Circles from the Navajo Nation and beyond
Navago Nation Math Circles Project
Dec 1/17 Josef Teichmann, ETH Zurich Machine learning, regularity structures and applications to mathematical Finance
Nov 24/17 Camillo De Lellis, University of Zurich The Onsager Theorem and folding papers
Nov 17/17 Paul G. Higgs, McMaster University Folding and Replication of RNAs in the RNA World
Nov 10/17 Ed Bierstone, Toronto Geometry of quasianalytic classes
Nov 3/17 Fernando Coda Marques, Princeton University Denseness of minimal hypersurfaces for generic metrics
Oct 27/17 Daniel Roy, Toronto Applications of Nonstandard Analysis to Statistics
Oct 20/17 Martin Hairer
Imperial College London
Random loops
Oct 6/17 Alexey Shevyakov
University of Saskatchewan
Conservation laws of differential equations: origins, modern approach, properties, systematic computation, and applications
Sept 29/17 Julia Gordon, UBC and Cornell Uniform integration
Sept 22/17 Soroosh Yazdani, Google, Waterloo Machine Learning at Google
Sept 15/17 Faculty Threads: David Earn  – Uncovering the epidemic patters of medieval plagues
McKenzie Wang – Fields Thematic program on Geometric Analysis
Patrick Speissegger –  Quasianalytic Hyashenko algebras
April 7/17 Bob Rodrigues
Statistics and Analytics Division of SAS
Is the Statistics profession prepared for the World of Big Data?
Mar 24/17 Kiumars Kaveh, University of Pittsburgh Algebraic geometry, convex geometry and computational algebra
Mar 10/17 Gary Kennedy
Ohio State University
Tropical geometry
Mar 3/17 Julianna Tymoczko
Smith College
Geometry, combinatorics, and representation theory of Hessenberg varieties
Feb 10/17 Ross Willard
Department of Pure Mathematics
University of Waterloo
Evelyn Nelson Lecture

Finiteness conditions on the equational laws of finite algebraic structures

Jan 27/17 Tom Davison, McMaster University d’Alembert’s functional equation
Jan 13/17 Frank Sottile
Texas A&M University
Galois groups in Enumerative Geometry and Applications
Nov 25/16 Sean Bohun
Ontario Institute of Technology
Aspects of Drawn Glass Fibres
Nov 18/16 Douglas Stebila
McMaster University
Post-Quantum Key Exchange for the Internet
Nov/16 Renming Song
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Potential Theory of Subordinate Brownian Motions
Oct 28/16 Colloquium/Britton Lecture
Frederick R. Adler, 
University of Utah
Control of Territory Size in Ants 
Oct 14/16 Chris Woodward, Rutgers University Finding non-displaceable Lagrangians
Sept 30/16 Speakers – McMaster University

  • Bradd Hart
  • Traian Pirvu
  • Bartek Protas
Faculty Threads
Pseudo-finite quantum mechanics
Profit Maximization in The Federal Funds Market
Probing Fundamental Bounds in Hydrodynamics using Variational Optimization Methods 
Sept 16/16 Michael Steele
Univ of Pennsylvania
Tweets, Re-tweets, and the Superstar Model for Dynamic Networks
Apr 15/16 Jim Hoste
Pitzer College
Quandles and Knots
Apr 8/16 Eric Marchand
University of Sherbrooke
Predictive Density Estimation: recent results
Apr 1/16 David DeVidi
Department of Philosophy
University of Waterloo
Mathematical Pluralism, Disagreement and Translation
Mar 18/16 Lou van den Dries
University of Illinois
Mar 11/16 Matt Valeriote
McMaster University
Concept Learning
Feb 26/16 Chris Bauch
University of Waterloo
Vaccine scares as critical transitions: an application of dynamical systems to data science
Feb 12/16 Takashi Sakajo
Kyoto University
Toward a mathematical theory of turbulence: a survey and a model study
Feb 5/16 Simon Thalabard
University of Massachusetts, Amherst
An optimal closure for  turbulent flows
Jan 29/16 Boris Khesin
University of Toronto
Invariants of functions on symplectic surfaces and ideal hydrodynamics
Jan 27/16 John Bush
Joint with Physics and Astronomy
Jan 22/16 Alex Sevigny
Department of Communication Studies & Multimedia
McMaster University
Challenges and opportunities in studying unstructured mediated data sets for PR and communications evaluation
Jan 8/16 Michela Procesi
Universita’ degli Studi “Roma Tre”
Stability and instability in Hamiltonian PDEs
Dec 4/15 Philipp Hieronymi
Evelyn Nelson Lectures
Dimensional concordance and logical tameness
Nov 27/15 Robert Haslhofer
University of Toronto
Weak solutions for the Ricci flow
Nov 19/15 Ingrid Daubechies
Duke University
Image processing applications for Art History and Art Conservation
Nov 19/15 Simon Levin
Princeton University
Evolutionary perspectives on the Commons
Nov 13/15 Gregory Smith
Queens University
Nonnegativity certificates on real projective curves
Nov 6/15 John Shareshian
Washington University in St. Louis
Prime divisors of binomial coefficients and topology of coset posets
Oct 9/15 David MacKinnon
University of Waterloo
Rational curves and Rational points
Oct 2/15 Sandra Lapointe
Dept of Philosophy
McMaster University
Mathematics, Logic and Philosophy in the Works of Bernard Bolzano
Sept 25/15 Anand Pillay
Notre Dame
Galois theory of linear differential equations and generalizations
Sept 18/15 Adam Van Tuyl
Shui Feng
Megumi Harada
McMaster University
Faculty Threads
The Waldschmidt constant for squarefree monomial ideals

The Poisson-Dirichlet Distribution
Newton-Okounkov bodies and symplectic geometry
April 10/15 Hans de Sterck
University of Waterloo
High-order adaptive simulation methods for compressible fluid flows with applications in space physics
March 20/15 Victor Kuperman
McMaster University
Quantitative analyses of psychological distance and emotions as revealed through language
March 20/15 Craig Evans
University of California at Berkeley
Britton Lectures 2014
Three interpretations of the infinity Laplacian PDE
Mar 13/15 Tom Hurd
McMaster University
Percolation on Random Graphs and the Collapse of Financial Systems
Mar 6/15 Arian Novruzi
University of Ottawa
Shape optimization problems with convexity constraint. Estimates of first and second order shape derivatives in nonsmooth multidimensional domains
Feb 27/15 Robert McCann
University of Toronto
 Academic Wages, Singularities, Phase Transitions and Pyramid Schemes 
Jan 9/15 Richard Arthur
McMaster University
Leibniz’s Infinitesimals and their Interpretation
Nov 28/14 Nassif Ghoussoub
University, British Columbia
On the Hardy-Schrodinger operator with a singularity on the boundary
Nov 21/14 Jaroslav Nesetril
Charles University, Prague
Evelyn Nelson Lecture
Homomorphisms, Ramsey theory and structural limits
Nov 7/14 Alejandro Adem
University of British Columbia
Topology of commuting Matrices
Oct 24/14 Paul Lee
Chinese University of Hong Kong
Ricci Curvature Lower Bounds:  From Optimal Transportation to Sasakian manifolds
Oct 17/14 Nikolai Saveliev
University of Miami
Index theory on manifolds with periodic ends
Oct 3/14 Anniversary of the James Stewart Centre for Mathematics
Panel DiscussionNiky Kamran,
McGill University
Some recent advances in mathematical general relativity
Sept 26/14 N Balakrishnan
Gail Wolkowicz
Hans Boden
McMaster University
Faculty Threads
Sept 19/14 Ergun Yalcin
Bilkent University
Finite group actions on spheres
May 2/14 Marie Farge
Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris
D’Alembert’s paradom and the resistance of fluid flows in the fully developed turbulent regime:still an open problem
Apr 11/14 Rustum Choksi
McGill University
Self-Assembly: Variational models and Energy Landscapes
Apr 4/14 Lek-Heng Lim
University of Chicago
Mar 28/14 Shamgar Gurevich
University of Wisconsin
The incidence and cross methods for efficient radar detection
Mar 21/14 Ilijas Farah
York University
Nelson Lecture
Logic and the classification of C*-algebras
Mar 14/14 Victor Snaith
The bar-monomial resolution and applications to automorphic representations
Feb 28/14 Dan Knopf
University of Texas
Singularities and why we love them:
universal behaviors in geometric heat flows
Feb 7/14 Ignacio Uriarte-Tuero
Michigan State
Two conjectures of Astala on distortion of sets under quasiconformal maps and related removability problems
Jan 24/14 Ruth Charney
Brandeis University
Boundaries of spaces of non-positive curvature
Dec 10/13 Paul McNicholas
Mixture Model-Based Clustering: Past, Present & Future
Nov 29/13 Pawel Pralat
Modelling self-organizing networks
19-22, 2013
Henri Darmon
McGill University
Britton Lecture 2013
Elliptic curves and Artin representations
Nov 15/13 Masoud Khakhali
University of Western Ontario
A noncommutative view of zeta regularized determinants and analytic torsion
Nov 8/13 Elaine Riehm History of John Charles Fields and the origins of the Fields medal
Nov 1/13 Kumar Murty
University of Toronto
Splitting of Abelian varieties
Oct 25, 2013 Jean-Christopher Nave
McGill University
Solving Interface problems on a Regular Grid
Oct 18, 2013 Robert Shcherbakov
University of Western Ontario
Record-Breaking Avalanches
Oct 11, 2013 Daniel Hambleton
Mesh Consultants
Fields Institute
Architectural Geometry:
Current Tools and Techniques

Oct 4, 2013 Robert Jerrard
University of Toronto
Weak solutions of an equation describing vortex filaments
Sept 20, 2013 Ailana Fraser
University of British Columbia
Minimal surfaces in the ball and an eigenvalue problem
Sept 13, 2013 Ben Bolker
Chung Pang Mok
Andy Nicas
McMaster University
Faculty Threads
Apr 12/13 Timothy Field
Electrical and Computer Engineering
McMaster University
Dynamical theory of spin relaxation
Apr 5/13 Sheldon Ross
University of Southern California
Dynamic Models for Selling Multiple Items
Mar 15/13 Nail Ibragimov
Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden
Conserved vector associated with symmetries and exact solutions of PDEs obtained using conservation laws
Mar 8/13 Robert Haslhofer
Courant Institute
Mean curvature flow of hypersurfaces
Mar 1/13 Guillaume James
University of Grenoble
Nonlinear waves in granular crystals
Feb 15/13 Chris Herald
University of Nevada, Reno
Traceless SU(2) representations of knot groups and the pillowcase
Jan 25/13 Nicholas Kevlahan
McMaster University
The Cost of Knowledge Boycott and the Future of Academic Publishing
Jan 18/13 Saugata Basu
Purdue University
Quantitative and algorithmic semi-algebraic geometry and applications
Jan 11/13 Vitali Vougalter
University of Cape Town
Sharp semiclassical bounds for the moments of eigenvalues
Nov 30/12 Mu Tao Wang
Columbia University
A Minkowski inequality and the Penrose inequality
Nov 23/12 William Goldman
University of Maryland
Complete affine 3-manifolds, Lorentzian and hyperbolic geometry
Nov 16/12 Stephen Anco
Brock University
Geometric curve flows and integrable systems
Nov 9/12 Danny Ruberman
Brandeis University
An index theorem for end-periodic operators
Oct 26/12 Kathleen Petersen
Florida State
Character Varieties and Hyperbolic 3-manifolds
Oct 19/12 Andrew Comech
Texas A&M University
Linear instability of solitary waves in nonlinear Dirac equation
Oct 12/12 Renato Iturriaga
Fields Institute
The Hamilton Jacobi equation and some selection criteria
Oct 5/12 Elton P. Hsu
Northwestern University
Stochastic Analysis on the Path Space over a Riemannian Manifold
Sep 21/12 Thomas Wolf Integrable Non-abelian Laurent ODEs
Sep 14/12 Jean-Pierre Gabardo
Nicholas Kevlahan
Roman Viveros-Aguilera
McMaster University
Faculty Threads 


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