Geometry & Topology Seminar Archive

Past Seminars: 

Nov 15/18 Spiro Karigiannis,  University of Waterloo A curious system of second order nonlinear PDEs for U(m)-structures on manifolds
Oct 25/18 Mehmetcik Pamuk, McMaster University Arbitrarily large factorizations in mapping class groups
  Nikolai Saveliev, University of Miami On the Frøyshov invariant and monopole Lefschetz number
Oct 18/18 Elizabeth Drellich, Swarthmore College   tba
Oct 4/18 Jesse Madnick
McMaster University
Sept 13/18 Tyrone Ghaswala
McMaster University
Amalgamated free products of circularly ordered groups
Apr 27/18 Rita Gitik 
University of Michigan
A new algorithm in group theory
Apr 12/18 Elise Villella 
University of Pittsburgh
Virtual Gelfand-Zetlin polytopes
Apr 5/18 Yulan Qing 
University of Toronto
Loops with large twist get short along quasi-geodesics in 
Mar 29/18 Andreas Arvanitoyeorgos
University of Patras
Homogeneous geodesics and two-step homogeneous geodesics in homogeneous spaces
Mar 22/18 Patrick Naylor 
University of Waterloo
Surface bundles over surfaces
Mar 22/18 Erik Pedersen (University of Copenhagen):

Controlled algebra and topological data analysis
Mar 8/18 Giulio Tiozzo (University of Toronto):

Counting loxodromic elements
Feb 15/18 Kasia Jankiewicz
McGill University
Cubical dimension of small cancellation groups
Feb 1/18 王常亮 
McMaster University
Perelman's functionals on compact manifolds with isolated conical singularities
Jan 25/18 Matthias Nagel
McMaster University
Surface systems and triple linking numbers
Jan 4/18 Dave Auckly
Kansas State University
Stable equivalence of smoothly knotted surfaces
Dec 7/17 Tyrone Ghaswala
University of Waterloo
Coverings, groupoids, and embedding braids in mapping class groups
Nov 30/17 David Duncan
McMaster University
Some open problems in gauge theory, symplectic geometry, and low-dimensional topology
Nov 23/17 Christopher Davis
University of Wisconsin at Eau Claire
Concordance of knots in homology spheres and the solvable filtration
Nov 17/17 Nikolai Saveliev
University of Miami
On gauge theoretic invariants of homology S1×S3
Nov 9/17 Katherine Raoux
Michigan State University
Nov 2/17 Anja Randecker 
University of Toronto
On Loch Ness monsters and wild singularities - a Halloween-inspired introduction to infinite translation surfaces
Oct 26/17 Jonathan Hillman
University of Sydney
Complements of closed hypersurfaces in S4
Oct 19/17 Matthias Nagel
McMaster University
Concordance and the Gordon-Litherland lattice
Oct 12/17 George Dragomir
McMaster University
Metric transforms yielding Gromov hyperbolic spaces
Oct 2/17 Klaus Kröncke
University of Hamburg
Stability of ALE Ricci-flat manifolds under Ricci-flow
Sept 21/17 Hari Kunduri
Memorial University of Newfoundland
Geometric inequalities for black hole initial data sets
Sept 14/17 Steven Boyer
Département de mathématiques 
Université du Québec à Montréal
Branched Covers of Quasipositive Links and L-Spaces
April 6/17 McKenzie Wang
Math & Stats Dept
McMaster University
Some examples of ancient solutions to the Ricci flow
Mar 23/17 Panagiotis Giannioti
Regularity theory for Type I  Ricci flows
Mar 30/17 Hans Boden
McMaster University
Slice obstructions for virtual knots
Mar 16/17 Nima Anvari
Math & Stats Dept
McMaster University
Equivariant Rho-Invariants and Instanton Homology of Torus Knots
Mar 9/17 Gary Kennedy
Ohio State
Topicalizing spherical varieties
Mar 2/17 Larry Siebenmann Analyzing surface flows using trees and the Bendixson-Mather 2-disk
Feb 23/17 Chris Herald
University of Nevada, Reno
Obtaining reduced Khovanov homology from traceless character varieties
Feb 16/17 Megumi Harada
McMaster University
Newton-Okounkov bodies and integrable systems
Feb 9/17 Balazs Elek
Pizzas and Kazhdan-Lusztig atlases on toric surfaces
 Feb 2/17 Tyrone Ghaswala
Mapping class groups, coverings, braids and groupoids
Jan 25/17 Victor Mouquin
University of Toronto
One some holomorphic Poisson structures related to geometric representation theory
Jan 19/17 Ali Aleyasin The Calabi problem on edge-cone manifolds
Jan 12/17 Cagatay Kutluhan
University of Buffalo
Filtering the Heegaard Floer contact invariant 

Jan 5/17

George Dragomir
McMaster University

On the existence of closed geodesics on compact developable orbifolds

Nov 18/16

Steffen Marcus
College of New Jersey

Sjuvon Chung
Rutgers University

Fans of logarithmic structures
(Joint with Algebra Seminar)

Euler characteristics of cominuscule quantum $K$-theory

Nov 11/16

Doug Schultz
Rutgers University

Lagrangian Floer theory in symplectic fibrations

Nov 4/16

Changliang Wang
McMaster University

Stability of Riemannian manifolds with Killing spinors

Oct 21/16

Kristen Hendricks
Michigan State University

Involutive Heegaard Floer homology

Sept 30/16

Alex Kuronya
Budapest Univ. of Tech & Econ.

Geoff Scott
University of Toronto

Positivity of line bundles and equations defining projective varieties

Lie Algebroids on Pinched S^1 Bundles

Oct 7/16

Maxime Fortier Bourque
University of Toronto

The Teichmuller space of conformal pentagons

Sept 23/16

Naoki Fujita
Tokyo Institute of Technology

Newton-Okounkov polytopes of Schubert varieties and folding method

Sept 16/16

Akos Nagy
University of Waterloo

The Berry connection of the Ginzburg--Landau vortices

Mar 10/16

Grigorios Fournodavlos
University of Toronto

Singular Ricci solitons and their stability under the Ricci flow

Mar 3/16

Matthias Nagel

Minimal genus in circle bundles over 3-manifolds

Feb 25/16

Hiraku Abe
McMaster University

The cohomology of Hessenberg varieties and representations of symmetric groups

Feb 4/16

Iva Halacheva
University of Toronto

The Gromov width of coadjoint orbits of the symplectic group

Jan 14/16

David Rosenthal 
St. John’s

Large scale geometry of groups

Nov 26/15

Peter Crooks
University of Toronto

Minimal nilpotent Hessenberg varieties

Nov 20/15

Martha Precup

The Betti numbers of parabolic Hessenberg varieties

Nov 12/15

Long Li
McMaster Universilty

On conic constant scalar curvature Kaehler(cscK) metrics 

Nov 5/15

John Shareshian
Washington St. Louis

Applying discrete Morse theory to complexes of graphs

Oct 29/15

Alejandro Betancourt de la Parra

Cohomogeneity one Ricci solitons

Oct 22/15

Tatsuya Horiguchi
McMaster University

The equivariant cohomology rings of regular nilpotent Hessenberg varieties in Lie type A

Oct 8/15

Federico Galetto
McMaster University

Tangent schemes of determinantal varieties

Oct 1/15

David Duncan
McMaster University

On the critical values of the Chern-Simons functional 

Sept 24/15

Jeremy Lane
University of Toronto

Convexity and the Thimm Trick 

Sept 17/15

Elisheva Adina Gamse

Vanishing relations in the cohomology of the moduli space of parabolic bundles

Sept 10/15

Alexander Caviedes Castro
Tel Aviv

Idempotents and symmetries on QH(G(k, n)) 

Sept 3/15

Chris Cornwell

Understanding character varieties of knot complements and 2-fold branched covers through the cord ring

May 20/15

Ergun Yalcin
Bilkent University

Group actions on spheres with rank one isotropy

May 19/15

Robert Oliver
University of Paris 13 

Automorphisms of p-completed classifying spaces

May 19/15

Sune Precht Reeh 
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Characteristic idempotents and fusion systems

Apr 9/15

Chris Herald
University of Nevada, Reno

A Lagrangian-Floer theory in the pillowcase arising from traceless representations of knot groups

Mar 19/15

Laurent Siebenmann

Chambers and trees describing general foliations of the plane

Mar 12/15

Ergun Yalcin
McMaster University

Rank Threee p-Group Actions on Products of Spheres

Feb 26/15

Long Li
McMaster University

On the convexity of the Mabuchi energy functional along geodesics

Feb 12/15

Steven Gindi
University of Waterloo

Holomorphic Twistor Spaces and Bihermitian Geometry

Feb 5/15

Jihyeon Jessie Yang
McMaster University

Toric desingularization of Gelfand-Zetlin toric variety

Jan 29/15

Matt Luther
McMaster University

Continuous Model Theory and Flat Subspaces

Jan 22/15

Cynthia Curtis
The College of New Jersey

The SL(2,C) Casson invariant for knots and the A-hat polynomial

Jan 15/15

Alyson Hildum
McMaster University

Topological 4-manifolds with RAAG fundamental groups

Dec 18/14

Andreas Arvaniteorgeous
University of Patras & Tufts University

Progress on homogeneous Einstein manifolds

Dec 4/14 

Ronald Fintushel
Michigan State University

Pinwheels and fake projective planes 

Nov 27/14 

Thomas Murphy
California State Fullerton

Complex Riemannian foliations of Kaehler manifolds 

Nov 20/14

Romina Arroyo
University of Cordoba, Argentina

Homogeneous Ricci solitons and the Alekseevskii conjecture in low dimensions

Nov 13/14

Eric Harper
McMaster University

Virtual knots, almost classical knots, and their Alexander lnvariants

Nov 6/14

Alejandro Adem
University of British Columbia

Homotopy Group Actions and Group Cohomology

Oct 30/14

Oleg Chterental
University of Toronto

Virtual Braids and Virtual Curve Diagrams

Oct 23/14

Shuguang Wang
University of Missouri

A compactification of the foliated ASD moduli spaces

Oct 16/14

Nikolai Saveliev
University of Miami

Instanton knot homology and equivariant gauge theory

Oct 2/14

Nima Anvari
McMaster University

Cyclic Group Actions on Contractible Four-Manifolds

Sep 25/14

Ergun Yalcin
Bilkent University

Constructing finite group actions on homotopy spheres

Sep 18/14

Long Li
McMaster University


Apr 3/14

Shahab Kalantari
Amirkabir University of Technology

Asymptotic Resemblance: A new approach to define a large scale structure on a set

Mar 27/14

Peng Lu
University of Oregon

Shrinking Ricci solitons

Mar 20/14

Blake Winter
University of Buffalo

Welded Knots and Ribbon Knots

Mar 13/14

Eric Harper
McMaster University

The Virtual Knot Group and its Alexander Invariants

Mar 6/14

Thomas Murphy
McMaster University

Spectral geometry of toric Einstein manifolds

Jan 30/14

Dror Bar-Natan
University of Toronto

Trees and Wheels and Balloons and Hoops

Jan 16/14

Laurent Siebenmann

Vignettes from the rise of differential topology

Dec 5/13

Diarmuid Crowley
Max Planck Institute, Bonn

The topology of Stein fillable contact manifolds in higher dimensions

Nov 28/13

Chris Cappadocia
McMaster University

The weak hyperbolic dimension of metric spaces

Nov 14/13

Thomas Murphy
McMaster University

Rigidity results for Hermitian-Einstein manifolds

Nov 7/13

Yun-xia Chen
University of Waterloo 

ADE bundles over complex surfaces

Oct 31/13

Alyson Hildum
McMaster University

The minimum b_2 problem for right-angled Artin groups

Oct 17/13

Frederick  Fong
Brown University

Kahler-Ricci flow and its singularity analysis

Oct 10/13

Enxin Wu
Western University

A homotopy theory for diffeological spaces

Oct 3/13

Karene Chu 
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Classification of flat virtual pure tangles

Sep 19/13

Anna Bertiger
University of Waterloo

The action of Sp(n) on complex flags

Sep 12/13

Bruce Williams
University of Notre Dame

Localizations and algebraic K-theory

Apr 25/13 

Masoud Khakhali
University of Western Ontario 

Spectral zeta functions, scalar curvature, and Gauss-Bonnet theorems in noncommutative geometry

Apr 4/13 

Nima Anvari
McMaster University 

Equivariant gauge theory and four-manifolds

Mar 28/13 

Reto Mueller 
Imperial College, London 

Dynamical stability and instability of Ricci-flat metrics

Mar 21/13 

Saso Strle 
University of Ljubljana 

Unknotting number and concordance

Mar 14/13 

Alexander Kolpakov 
Vanderbilt University 

Geometric and combinatorial optimality of the hyperbolic 24-cell

Mar 7/13 

Robert Haslhofer 

Quantitative stratification and the regularity of mean curvature flow

Feb 28/13 

Mikhail Mazin 

Topology and combinatorics of certain compactified Jacobians

Feb 14/13 

David Duncan 
Rutgers University

A compactness result for the quilted Atiyah–Floer conjecture

Feb 7/13 

Eric Harper 
McMaster University 

Akbulut corks and non-trivial involutions on instanton Floer homology

Jan 31/13 

Peter Samuelson 
University of Toronto 

Skein modules and the double affine Hecke algebra

Jan 24/13 

Tomoo Matsumura 
Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) 

Schubert calculus of weighted Grassmannians

Jan 17/13 

Maria Buzano 
McMaster University 

Ricci flow on homogeneous spaces

Jan 10/13 

Aaron Smith 
University of Waterloo 

The higher Riemann–Hilbert correspondence and extensions

Nov 29/12 

Ruxandra Moraru 
University of Waterloo 

Stable bundles on complex nilmanifolds

Nov 22/12 

David Rosenthal 
St. John's University 

On the coarse asymptotic dimension of groups

Nov 15/12 

William Wylie 
Syracuse University

Warped product rigidity

Nov 8/12 

Daniel Ruberman 
Brandeis University 

Embeddings of non-orientable surfaces in 4-manifolds

Nov 1/12 

Jihyeon Jessie Yang
McMaster University 

"Limits" of schemes

Oct 25/12 

Kate Petersen 
Florida State University 

The Euclidean algorithm and primitive roots

Oct 11/12 

Shintaro Kuroki 
University of Toronto 

Root systems of torus graphs and characterization of extended actions of torus manifolds

Oct 4/12 

Adam Clay 

Left-orderability, foliations, L-spaces and graph manifolds

Sep 20/12 

Kristin Shaw 
University of Toronto 

Obstructions to approximating tropical curves in surfaces

Sep 13/12 

Owen Baker 
McMaster University 

Hyperbolic group boundaries and Cannon-Thurston maps


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