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Degrees Awarded – M.Sc. Statistics




Thesis/Project Title

2023 Yufeng Li S. Walter Estimating the Population Standard Deviation based on the Sample Range for Non-normal Data
2023 Lan Wang A. Abdallah Rank-Based Multivariate Sarmanov for Modeling Dependence Between Loss Reserves
2023 Zhiyue Zhang Coursework
2023 Yixuan Zhang Coursework
2023 Amandeep Sidhu Coursework
2023 Tolulope Olusooto Coursework
2023 Doudou Jin Coursework
2022 Jini Xu P. Jeganathan/S. King-Yu Variable Selection Methods for Model-based Clustering and Application to High-dimensional Data
2022 Mackenzie Neal P. McNicholas Variable Selection for Skewed Clustering and Classification
2021 Pengfei Cai A. Abdallah/T. Pirvu Claim Reserving: Classical versus Machine Learning Methods
2021 Ian Belo S. Walter Designing Factorial Clinical Trials: An Examination of Power
2021 Kala Studens B. Bolker Bayesian Hierarchical Modelling of Spruce Budworm Development
2020 Milena Hadzi-Tosev P. McNicholas Predicting Monthly Precipitation in Ontario using a Multi-Model Ensemble and the XGBoost Algorithm
2020 Clifford Yacas A. Canty Bivariate Functional Normalization of Methylation Array Data
2020 Xi Zhang P. McNicholas Longitudinal Data Clustering Via Kernel Mixture Models
2020 Shuai (Kevin) Zhang T. Pirvu Numerical Analysis of Two-Asset Options in a Finite Liquidity Framework
2020 Mohammad Khan G. Pare MonsterLM: A method to estimate the variance explained by genome-wide interactions with environmental factors
2020 Katharine Clark P. McNicholas Outlier Detection in Gaussian Mixture Models
2020 Anthony Tan S. McNicholas/A. Nicas Persistent Homology and Machine Learning
2020 Yusang Hu S. Walter Estimating Proportions by Group Retesting with Unequal Group Sizes at Each Stage
2019 Bright Agbewu S. Walter Central Limit Theorem of Some Statistics Associated with Self-Normalized Subordinators
2019 Francis Kiwon J. Racine Frequentist Model Averaging for ?-Support Vector Regression
2019 Xinyi Wang N. Balakrishnan Inference for Bivariate Conway-Maxwell-Poisson Distribution and Its Application in Modeling Bivariate Count Data
2019 Nikola Pocuca P. McNicholas Matrix Variate and Kernel Density Methods for Applications in Telematics
2019 Parmveer Nanuian Coursework
2019 Hanna Kim Coursework
2019 Mu Tian A. Canty Examining applications of Neural Networks in predicting polygenic traits
2019 Qing Ouyang A. Canty Canonical Correlation and Clustering for High Dimensional Data
2019 Mengjie Bian S. Walter Relative Efficiencies of Alternative Designs for Randomized Trials
2018 Qiwei Jiang S. Feng Some Topics Related to Diversity Indices and Applications
2018 Chenxi Yu N. Balakrishnan Incorporating Historical Data via Bayesian Analysis Based on The Logit Model [Thesis]
2018 Forrest Paton P. McNicholas Clustering Gaussian Processes: A Modified EM Algorithm for Functional Data Analysis with Application to British Columbia Coastal Rainfall Patterns [Thesis]
2018 Xiaolan Tu N. Balakrishnan Generalized Gaussian Multiterminal Source Coding in the High-Resolution Regime [Thesis]
2018 Arman Siddique N. Balakrishnan Two-phase Targeted Maximum Likelihood Estimation for mixed data meta-analysis [Thesis]
2018 Cameron McLaughlin Coursework
2018 Nkhahle Thabane Coursework
2018 Aleksandar Jovic Coursework
2018 Feras Samain Coursework
2018 Joan Lopez Coursework
2018 Ruoyuan Li Coursework
2018 Kishore Akula Coursework
2018 Jiarui Hu S. Walter Method to estimate cancer overdiagnosis with prostate screening
2018 Thinesh Pathmanathan S. McNicholas Dimension Reduction and Clustering of High Dimensional Data using a Mixture of Generalized Hyperbolic Distributions
2017 Jin Zeng T. Pirvu Pricing Asian Options and Basket Options by Monte Carlo Methods
2017 Sarah Alattas P. McNicholas Pattern Recognition of Arabic/Persian Handwritten Digits using Adaptive Boosting, Neural Networks and Deep Boltzmann Machine
2017 Joanne Gittens A. Canty An Evaluation of the PrediXcan Method for the Identification of Lipid Associated Genes
2017 Sarah Ricciuti P. McNicholas On Clustering: Mixture-Model Averaging with the Generalized Hyperbolic Distribution
2017 Kyran Cupido Coursework
2017 Peter Tait P. McNicholas Clustering Matrix Variate Data using Finite Mixture Models with Component-Wise Regularization
2017 Kevin Matira P. McNicholas Discriminant Analysis for Longitudinal Data
2017 Tyler Roick P. McNicholas Clustering Discrete Valued Time Series
2017 Angelina Pesevski P. McNicholas Subspace Clustering with the Multivariate-t Distribution
2017 Jingwei Lu Coursework
2017 Yan Qiao Wang Coursework
2017 Xiao Yue Lin Coursework
2017 Laxman Ghimrie Coursework
2017 Fei Dai Coursework
2017 Kai Yang Coursework
2017 Atinder Bharaj R. Viveros An Exact Assessment of the Two-Stage EPI Sampling Method
2017 Yiliang Zhou N. Balakrishnan Statistical Inference of r-out-of-n F-system Based on Birnbaum-Saunders Distribution
2016 Jing Cai S. Walter Truncation methods on the SROC curve
2016 Eman Al-Amer R. Viveros CUSUM Control Charts for Censored Gamma Distributed Quality Measurements
2016 Xu Xuan Zhang P. McNicholas Non-Gaussian Mixture Model Averaging for Clustering
2016 Michael Gallaugher P. McNicholas On Fractionally-Supervised Classication: Weight Selection and Extension to the Multivariate t-Distribution
2016 Benedict MinOo S. Feng The Effect of a Growing Population on Ewens Sampling Formula’s Mutation Parameter
2016 Amanda Bowman F. Hoppe Contributions to the Testing of Benford’s Law
2016 Mu He S. Feng Truncated Ordered Stick Breaking Financial Market Model and Corresponding Bayesian Estimation
2016 Maria Reyes R. Viveros/ H. Shannon An Analysis of Equally Weighted and Inverse Probability Weighted Observations in the Expanded Program on Immunization (EPI) Sampling Method
2016 Tianyao Zhou D. Mountain The Impact of Demographics on Residential Electricity Usage
2016 Jonathan Earl P. McNicholas WASP: An Algorithm for Ranking College Football Teams
2016 Martin Blostein P. McNicholas An Efficient Implementation of a Robust Clustering Algorithm
2016 Nidhi Patel P. McNicholas Longitudinal Clustering via Mixtures of Multivariate Power Exponential Distributions
2016 Samantha-Jo Caetano Coursework
2016 Sean Sexton Coursework
2016 Sina Brar Coursework
2015 Zelalem Negeri J. Beyene Bivariate Random Effects Meta-Analysis Models for Diagnostic Test Accuracy Studies Using Arcsine-Based Transformations
2015 Melanie Stacey J. Beyene Robust models for accommodating outliers in random-effects meta-analysis: A simulation and empirical study
2015 Michael Li B. Bolker Incorporating Temporal Heterogeneity in Hidden Markov Models for Animal Movement
2015 Yang Ye N Balakrishnan Likelihood Inference for Type I Bivariate Polya-Aeppli Distribution
2015 Michael Richard B Bolker Determining the size of a Galaxy’s Globular Cluster Population through Imputation of Incomplete Data with Measurement Uncertainty
2015 Sharleen Weatherley Coursework
2015 Dai Qinzhou Coursework
2015 Keya Biswas B. Bolker Performance of different estimation methods for generalized linear mixed models
2015 Ahsan Batti B. Bolker Assessing Decision Rules for Stopped Cricket Games
2015 Qianmin Yang A. Canty Finding G-E Interactions in Quantitative Trait Analysis using Two-Step Methods
2014 Hedan Han S. Walter Stopping randomized trials early for futility: error in estimating the treatment effect
2014 David Ku Coursework
2014 Regina Kampo J. Beyene Assessing the Influence of Contamination on Fixed-Effect Meta-Analysis for Continuous Outcome: A Simulation Study
2014 Yumeng Liu G. Pond Impact of Informative Censoring on Statistics Used in the Validation of Surrogate Endpoints in Oncology
2014 Kai Liu N. Balakrishnan Statistical Analysis of Longitudinal Data with a Case Study
2014 John Thompson J. Racine A Monte Carlo Investigation of Smoothing Methods for Error Density Estimation in Functional Data Analysis with an Illustrative Application to a Chemometric Data Set
2014 Danielle Richer J. Beyene Proposed Summary Measures for Ranking Treatments in Network Meta-Analysis
2013 Taddele Kibret J. Beyene A Bayesian network meta-analysis for binary outcome: a simulation study
2013 Joycelyne E Ewusie J. Hamid Nutrition, childhood devlopment and the prevelance of anemia in Ghanaian children
2013 Tao Tan N. Balakrishnan A Parametric Test for Trend Based on Moving Order Statistics
2013 Tzvia Iljon G. Pond Calculating confidence intervals for the cumulative incidence function while accounting for competing risks: comparing the Kalbfleisch and Prentice Method and the Counting Process Method
2013 Tian Feng J. Maheu A Bayesian Semi-parametric Model for Realized Volatility
2013 Alessandro Selvitella N. Balakrishnan Distribution of points on spherical objects and application
2013 Scott Purcell  Coursework
2013 Ulviya Abdulkarimova N. Balakrishnan Frailty Models for Modelling Heterogeneity [Thesis]
2013 Thuvaraha
L. Thabane Predicting the occurrence of major adverse cardiac events within 30 days after a patient’s vascular surgery: An individual patient-data meta-analysis [Thesis]
2012 Alya Alzahrani N. Balakrishnan Likelihood Inference For Log-Logistic Distribution Under Progressive Type-II Right Censoring [Thesis]
2012 Ashley Bonner J. Beyene Sparse Principal Component Analysis for High-Dimensional Data: A Comparative Study [Thesis]
2012 Heather Brittain Coursework
2012 Rola El Sebai N. Balakrishnan Robust Estimation of Autoregressive Conditional Duration Models [Thesis]
2012 Weiliang Huang J. Hamid Residuals in the Analysis of Longitudinal Data [Thesis]
2012 Sayantee Jana J. Hamid The Growth Curve Model for High Dimensioal Data and its Application in Genomics. [Thesis]
2012 Jungtae Kim F. Hoppe Optimal Strategy Hand-rank Table for Jacks or Better, Double Bonus, and Joker Wild Video Poker. [Thesis]
2012 Jun Liu A. Childs Inverse Sampling Procedures to Test for Homogeneity in A Multivariate Hypergeometric Distribution [Thesis]
2012 German Reano-Alvarez J. Hamid Empirical Assessment of Performance of Tests of Equal Variance in the Presence of Within and Between Dependence and Under Small Sample Size: Application to Craniofacial Variability Index in Smith-Lemli-Opitz Syndrome [Thesis]
2012 Nahid Sultana Coursework
2012 Tao Wang A. Canty Linear Mixed Effect Models for a Longitudinal Genome Wide Association Study of Lipid Measures in Type 1 Diabetes [Thesis]
2012 Yali Wu Coursework
2011 Zahra Ahsan H. Shannon A Simulation Study To Examine A New Method Of Sampling When Information On The Target Population Is Very Limited [Thesis]
2011 Yu Qing Bai L. Thabane Longitudinal Analysis To Assess The Impact Of Method Of Delivery On Postpartum Outcomes: The Ontario Mother And Infant Study (TOMIS) III [Thesis]
2011 Xiao Di Yang J. Beyene Modeling Binary Data Allowing for Heterogeneity [Thesis]
2011 Jin Hong A. Childs Selecting The Most Probable Category: The R Package Rs [Thesis]
2011 Seong Lee Coursework
2011 Tracy Yan Liu Coursework
2011 Xiaofeng Liu N. Balakrishnan Likelihood Inference for Some Cure Rate Models and Applications [Thesis]
2011 Kirill Mayorov N. Balakrishnan Modelling Trade Durations with the Birnbaum-Saunders Autoregressive Model [Thesis]
2011 Jeff Mesaric Coursework
2011 Sathish Chandra Pichika J. Beyene Sparse Canonical Correlation Analysis (SCCA): A Comparative Study [Thesis]
2011 Maochang Qin S. Walter Variable selection methods for population based Genetic Association Studies: SPLS and HSIC [Thesis]
2011 Amidu Raifu S. Walter Effects Of Covariates On The Performance Of Cervical Cancer Screening Tests: Logistic Regression And Latent Class Models [Thesis]
2011 Daniel Ramunno S. Walter The Effects of Agriculture on Canada’s Major Watersheds [Thesis]
2011 Melissa Song Coursework
2011 Weiping Tang R. Viveros-Aguilera Monitoring Autocorrelated Processes [Thesis]
2011 Hoi Wong E. Pullenayegum Analyzing Health Utility Data with Generalized Additive Models [Thesis]
2011 Jian-Yi Xu L. Thabane Empirical comparison of statistical methods of analyzing intervention effects and correlation analysis between clinical outcomes and surrogate scores in randomized controlled trials using COMPETE III [Thesis]
2011 Xiao Di Yang J. Beyene Statistical methods for variable selection in the context of high-dimensional data: lasso and extensions [Thesis]
2010 Yalin Chen A. Childs Implementation of Fixed and Sequential Multilevel Acceptance Sampling: The R Package MFSAS [Thesis]
2010 Ick Huh R. Viveros-Aguilera Multivariate EWMA Control Chart and Application to a Semiconductor Manufacturing Process [Thesis]
2010 Zhihui Liu P. Macdonald Bayesian Mixture Models [Thesis]
2010 Rajat Malik N. Balakrishnan Statistical Analysis For Pollutants In Precipitation Observed In A Selected Region [Thesis]
2010 Hamid Muhammad R. Viveros-Aguilera Comparisons between algorithms to construct the Receiver Operating Characteristic (ROC) curve for multiple screening/diagnostic tests [Thesis]
2010 Hong Sun Coursework
2010 Chang Ye A. Canty Test Statistics and Q-Values to Identify Differentially Expressed Genes in Microarrays [Thesis]
2010 Kai Zhao A. Childs Bias and Efficiency of Logistic Regression Involving a Binary Covariate with Missing Observations [Thesis]
2009 Xiaoyi Lin Coursework
2009 Defen Peng R. Viveros-Aguilera Inferences in the Interval Censored Exponential Regression Model [Thesis]
2009 Zhiyong Tang R. Viveros-Aguilera Statistical Analysis of Electrocardiogram Data [Thesis]
2008 Laila Alkhalfan N. Balakrishnan Inference For A Simple Gamma Step-Stress Model With Type-II Censoring [Thesis]
2008 Xuenan Feng Coursework
2008 Roxanne Fill P. Macdonald Variants of the Receiver Operating Characteristic (ROC) Curve with Applications to Meta-analysis [Thesis]
2008 Ji Li A. Canty Using Smoothing Splines to Select Significant Genes in Microarrays [Thesis]
2008 Jennifer Liu L. Thabane Statistical Issues in a Meta-analysis of Studies of Integrated Treatment Programs for Women with Substance Use Problems and Their Children [Thesis]
2008 Jinhui Ma L. Thabane Comparing Bayesian and Classical Methods in the Analysis of a Cluster Randomized Trial (The Community Hypertension Assessment Trial) [Thesis]
2008 Tanvir Quadir N. Akhtar-Danesh Pattern of Fruit and Vegetables Intake and its Association with the Long-term Diseases in Different Ethnic Groups of Canada [Thesis]
2008 Hui Wang R. Viveros-Aguilera Risk-Adjusted Exponentially Weighted Moving Average for Poisson Data and Application in Healthcare [Thesis]
2008 Ying Wang A. Canty Empirical Bayes Analysis for Detecting Differential Expression in Microarrays [Thesis]
2008 Xingli Wei F. Hoppe The Total Progeny of a Multitype Branching Process [Thesis]
2008 Weiwei Xiong L. Thabane Exploratory Analysis to Determine Prevelance and Predictors of Central Venous Line Related Thromboembolism and Infection in Children with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia [Thesis]
2008 Cheng Lin Ye L. Thabane The Measurement of Integrated Human Services Network (The Children’s Treatment Network of Simcoe York) [Thesis]
2008 Jin Zhang R. Zhu A Data-driven Algorithm for Parameter Estimation in the Parametric Survival Mixture Model [Thesis]
2008 Li Zhang N. Balakrishnan Inference for Simple Step-Stress Model from Log-Normal Distribution Under Type-I Censoring [Thesis]
2008 Yike Zhang R. Zhu Binomial-type Regression and Cluster Analysis for a Study of Ecoli Bacteria from Canadian Watersheds. [Thesis]
2007 Ji Cheng L. Thabane A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of Studies of Preoperative Aspirin on Bleeding and Cardiovascular of Patients Undergoing Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery: A Comparison of Bayesian and Classical Approaches [Thesis]
2007 Yue Shan Feng S. Walter Relative Efficiency of Adjusted and Unadjusted Analyses When Baseline Data are Partially Missing [Thesis]
2007 Dan He M. Veall Does Good Corporate Governance Improve Earnings Quality? [Thesis]
2007 Yiqiang Luo A. Canty Comparison Between Affymetrix and Illumina Gene Expression Microarray Platforms [Thesis]
2007 Sabina Sanjel N. Balakrishnan Application of Cox Model [Project]
2007 Yunna Song A. Childs Longitudinal Analysis of the Effect of Meteorological Factors, Allergens, and Air Pollution on Respiratory Condition in Children [Thesis]
2007 Weiling Wang S. Walter Longitudinal and Cross-sectional Reference Curves of Gross Motor Function in Children [Thesis]
2006 Yanfei Gao A. Canty Detecting Locus-Locus Interactions using Microarray Data [Project]
2006 Dong-Hoon (David) Han N. Balakrishnan Optimal Progressive Type-II Censoring Schemes for Non-Parametric Confidence Intervals of Quantiles [Project]
2006 Edward Rempel L. Thabane A Survey of the Evangelical Mennonite Mission Conference of Churches: A Look At Factors That Impact Growth [Project]
2006 Li Wang M. Veall Leaders and Followers Among Security Analysts [Project]
2006 Liqin Xu L. Thabane Modeling Lung Disease and its Progression in a Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Cohort [Project]
2006 Rong Yang A. Canty Comparison of Normalization Methods in Microarray Analysis [Project]
2006 Xingqiu Zhao S. Feng Modified Fractional Brownian Motion and Option Pricing [Project]
2005 Shahzaib Barlas S. Esterby Modelling Fire Weather Index Series [Project]
2005 Dragos Daniel Capan R. Viveros-Aguilera Continuation Ratio and Generalized Estimating Equations Analysis of an Asthma Study [Project]
2005 Danielle Alexandra Catania A. Childs Analyzing Multiple Version Variable-Time Testing Data Using the SAS System [Project]
2005 Alina Dragan N. Akhtar-Danesh Assessing the Relationship between Obesity and Depression using Structural Equation Modeling [Project]
2005 Miao Fang H.H. Shannon Work and Mental Health-An Analysis of Canadian Community Health Survey [Project]
2005 Xiaohui Guo L. Thabane Baysian Meta-Analysis of Trials of Chemotherapy with Radiotherapy in the Management of Patients with Newly Diagnosed Locally Advanced Squamous Cell or Undifferentiated Nasopharyngeal Cancer [Project]
2005 Huan Jiang L. Thabane Analysis of Priorities of Patients Living with Diabetes [Project]
2005 Andrew Leistner M. Veall The Inception of Canadian Health Insurance and its Effects on Mortality Rates in Canada [Project]
2005 Fang Li S. Esterby Gene Expression Analysis for Time-Course Microarray Data [Project]
2005 Jing Lin A. El-Shaarawi Spatial and Temporal Modelling of Water Acidity in Turkey Lakes Watershed [Project]
2005 Binod P. Neupane P. Macdonald Optimal Subsampling of Finite Mixture Distribution [Project]
2005 S. M. Enayetur Raheem N. Balakrishnan Inferential Methods for Bivariate Logistic Distribution [Project]
2005 Mallikarjuna Rao Rettiganti N. Balakrishnan Competing Causes of Failure for Weibull Life Times under Type II Progressive Censoring [Project]
2005 Leanne Santarelli A. Childs Testing the Relationship between Respiratory Diseases & Viral Infections in Various Age Groups [Project]
2005 Jing Zhang S. Feng Some Stochastic Models in Risk Theory [Project]
2005 Xuan Zhang S. Walter Alternative Summary Indices: PLC and ASC for the Summary Receiver Operating Characteristic (SROC) Curve [Project]
2004 Shanping Chen R. Viveros-Aguilera The Zero-Inflated Poisson Regression Model and its Application [Project]
2004 Katherine Davies N. Balakrishnan Inference Based on Type II Right Progressively Censored Samples from the Generalized Extreme Value Distribution [Project]
2004 Christina Frisina G. Wesolowsky Performance of the c-chart and X-chart for the Katz Family of Distributions [Project]
2004 Ruochu Gao P. Macdonald An EM Algorithm for Estimation of Finite Mixture Distributions with Censored Grouped and Conditional Data [Project]
2004 Anisha Hassam A. Childs The Effect of Smoker Type, Work Stress, BMI, and Income on the General Health of the Respondents of Ontario [Project]
2004 Ahmed Hossain N. Balakrishnan Estimation of Parameters of Generalized Logistic Distributions Based on Complete and Progressively Type II Censored Samples [Project]
2004 Afisi Ismaila A. Canty Spatial Modelling of Preterm Birth Near the Sydney Tar Ponds, Nova Scotia, Canada [Project]
2004 Amanda Lafontaine A. Childs
L. Thabane
Determining the Level of Statisticians Participation in Canadian Based Research Ethics Committees [Project]
2004 Weiquan David Liu N. Balakrishnan Inference for skew-logistic distribution [Project]
2004 Xiwu Liu S. Walter Data Analysis for a Clinical Trial of the Management of Urinary Tract Infections in Residential Long-Term Care Facilities [Project]
2004 Cathlin McNally L. Thabane The Application of KDD to the COMPETE I Research Project [Project]
2004 Yong Rao R. Viveros-Aguilera Assessing Adaptability of Software Reliability Models [Project]
2004 Yvonne Wei A. Canty Accounting for Model Selection Uncertainty in Linear Regression Models [Project]
2004 Qihao Xie N. Balakrishnan A Study of Order Statistics from Skew-normal Distribution and Application [Project]
2003 Abena Asante S. Mohanty
N. Balakrishnan
Estimation of the target dose corresponding to pre-specified toxicity rate in Phase I Clinical Trials [Project]
2003 Rongfang Gu R. Viveros-Aguilera Environmental factors effects on asthma in the National Population Health Survey [Project]
2003 Kyung-hee Kelly Moon A. Childs Testing for independence between virus and respiratory disease data [Project]
2003 William Volterman N. Balakrishnan Inference for PC samples with log gamma data [Project]
2002 Jennifer Dai R. Viveros-Aguilera Statistical Analysis of Asthma Hospitalization Incidences in Canadian Children [Project]
2002 Juan Du P. Macdonald Combined algorithms for constrained estimation of finite mixture distributions with grouped data and conditional data [Project]
2002 Jourdan Gold A. El-Shaarawi An investigation of environmental risk assessment models [Thesis]
2002 Simo Goshev M. Veall A Quantitative Evaluation of the Relationship Between Income and Self-Reported Health in Canada, 1996-1999 [Project]
2002 Mohammad Shahidul
A. El-Shaarawi ARMA model with non-normal error [Project]
2002 Shuying Sun A. Canty Post-blackening and other bootstrap methods for time series [Project]
2001 Joshua Babatunde
T. Hurd The statistics of option pricing [Project]
2001 Rina A. Leyva Loayza A.R. Willan Cost-Effectiveness Analysis when the Willingness to Accept is Greater than the Willingness to Pay [Thesis]
2001 Swetlana Ljubicic P. Macdonald Behaviour scoring: A government student loan recovery model [Project]
2001 Hong Qian R. Viveros-Aguilera Statistical Analysis of a Randomized Clinical Trial of Two Decision Aids Used by Breast Cancer Patients [Project]
2001 Shobana Wijayanathan R. Viveros-Aguilera Statistical Analysis of the ‘Needs Analysis Survey’ conducted by the Hamilton-Wentworth Regional Police [Project]
2001 Bin Zhu H.H. Shannon A Structural Equation Modeling Approach to the Impact of Re-engineering on the Staff of a Large Teaching Hospital [Thesis]
2000 Kelley Haynes C. Goldsmith The Integrity of the Randomization Process [Project]
2000 Mei Moi Lee C. Goldsmith Capture-Mark-Recapture (CMR) Literature Searching [Project]
2000 Hon Keung Tony Ng N. Balakrishnan Improved Estimation and Testing of Independence of Mora-Downtown Bivariate and Multivariate Exponential distribution [Project]
1999 Frank Cihon A.R. Willan Meta-Analysis: Effect of the Drug Fosamax on Bone Mineral Density in Multi-Dose and Multi-Year Osteoporosis Clinical Studies [Project]
1999 Joseph Farruggia R. Viveros-Aguilera Statistical Evaluation and Identification of Improvemnet Opportunities of the Hot Rolling Process at Dofasco [Project]
1999 Julie Anne Philip S. Esterby An Evaluation of Sampling Designs for Waterfowl Monitoring in Forested Regions [Project]
1999 Keshavlal Rathi A. El-Shaarawi Environmental Regulations, Their Elements, Objectives and the Associated Statistical Issues [Project]
1999 Sueheir Bader Saddik N. Balakrishnan Type II progressively Right Censored Data from a Normal Distribution [Project]
1999 Christopher S. Sigouin P. Macdonald Great Lakes Fish Eaters Project: Analysis of Data on Individuals Eating at Least Twenty-six Great Lakes Fish Meals per Year [Project]
1998 Joanna M. Biernacka A.R. Willan Accounting for Uncertainty in Cost-Effectiveness Studies [Project]
1998 Vaneeta Kaur Grover D. Gupta Analysis of a Two Server Polling System with Overlapping Skills and 1-Limited Service [Thesis]
1998 Yongmin Yu A. El-Shaarawi
R. Viveros-Aguilera
Regression Under Transformation for Censored Data with Application to Water Quality [Project]
1997 Xiong Chen Chen N. Balakrishnan Data Analysis for Back Pain Based on the National Population Health Survey [Thesis]
1997 Tara Srinivasan H.H. Shannon A Historical Cohort Mortality Analysis of Workers at a Canadian Steel Plant [1974-1990] [Project]
1997 Dawn Traverse S. Walter A Comparative Analysis of Five Instruments to Measure Control of Asthma [Project]
1997 Jun Wang N. Balakrishnan Coursework
1997 Xiaojiang Yu F. Hoppe Comparison of Models for Reliability Growth [Project]
1996 Shanti Antonyraj N. Balakrishnan A simple method of Estimation for the three-Parameter Birnbaum-Saunders Distribution [Project]
1996 Manday M. Asha N. Balakrishnan Correlation Type Goodness-of-Fit test for the Inverse Gaussian Distribution [Thesis]
1996 Violletta Czaplinski R. Viveros-Aguilera Statistical Analysis of Capture-Recapture Data [Thesis]
1996 Selahadin Ibrahim H.H. Shannon An Analysis of Work Stress Variables in the Canadian National Population Health Survey 1994/1995 [Project]
1996 Sze Kit Lee N. Balakrishnan Type III Generalized Logistic Distribution: Order Statistics and Estimation [Project]
1996 Michael G. Richards J.F. MacGregor An Application of Multiblock and Multiway PLS to the Analysis of Multi-Stage Batch Processing Operations [Project]
1995 Rosemary Frattina N. Balakrishnan Precedence testing: An Evaluation and Further Extensions [Project]
1995 Fei Gao R. Viveros-Aguilera Statistical Analysis of a Controlled Clinical Trial in Patients with Metastatic Bone Pain [Project]
1995 Alexander Lee N. Balakrishnan The Detection and Management of Hypertension in Family Practice: A Practice Audit [Project]
1995 Regina Malina D. Gupta On the Effect of False Positives in Group and Individual Testing of Blood for the Presence of HIV [Thesis]
1995 Jennifer L. Maslak G.O. Wesolowsky Taguchi’s Techniques for Quality Control: Innovation or Wasted Effort? [Project]
1995 Cheryl Pause A. El-Shaarawi Overdispersion in Count Data [Project]
1994 David Hutchinson A.R. Willan Modelling Vision in Patients with Age Related Macular Degeneration [Project]
1994 Yimin Ma N. Balakrishnan Empirical Bayes Approach for Selecting Best Hypergeometric Population [Project]
1994 Virginia Torrance S. Walter Latent Class Analysis of Diagnostic Tests: The Effect of Dependent Misclassification Errors [Project]
1994 Yanqun Wang N. Balakrishnan Prediction in Extrema Value Distribution for Maxima [Thesis]
1994 Regina Watteel R. Viveros-Aguilera Ancillarity and Conditionality under Nuisance Parameters [Project]
1993 M. Chandra-
N. Balakrishnan Inference for the Parameters of the Double Exponential Distribution Using Edgeworth Expansion [Project]
1993 Victor J. Laing R. Viveros-Aguilera
M. Lesperance
Survival Models and Analysis for Vision Loss Data [Project]
1993 Nadeem A. Siddiqi E. Mead Parametric Modelling of Canadian Mortality Data [Project]
1992 Rittu Anand N. Balakrishnan A Comparative Study of Variations Before and After a Treatment [Thesis]
1992 Sergio R. Escobedo H.H. Shannon Analysis of Nickel Contaminants in Several Groups of Case-control sets Generated within the Falconbridge Mining Cohort [Project]
1992 Meiying Hou A.R. Willan Linear Models with Nested Error Structure in Predicting Vision Loss for Patients with Subretinal Neovascular Membranes [Project]
1992 Shan Liang D.R. Chettle Regression analysis on the Data Collected from Six Industrial Surveys Measuring Workers exposed to Cadmium [Project]
1992 F. Barasa Lukibisi R. Viveros-Aguilera Statistical Analysis of Nitrogen Decomposition Data [Project]
1992 Milton Eric Mangal P. Macdonald Constrained Estimation of Mixture Normal Distributions by the EM algorithm [Project]
1992 Leo A. Thumma N. Balakrishnan Efficient Estimation of the Mean of the Exponential Model when Two Outliers are Present [Project]
1992 Qiqing Zhang N. Balakrishnan Two-Way Exponential Classification [Project]
1992 Qi Zhou I. Chorneyko Optimal Group Size Under Randomized-Sequential Group Testing Procedures [Project]
1991 Peter Lee Geyer N. Balakrishnan Moments of Mixture-Normal Order Statistics with Applications to Robustness Studies [Project]
1991 Kenneth K.-Y. Kwok N. Balakrishnan Half Logistic Distribution: Type II Censoring and Inference [Project]
1991 Philip R. Moorhead F. Hoppe Most Stingent Degree Two Bonferroni-Type Bounds on the Probability of a Union [Thesis]
1991 Tarit K. Saha N. Balakrishnan Universal Bounds for Order Statistics and Properties [Project]
1990 Ping Shing Chan N. Balakrishnan Half Logistic Distribution: Type II Censoring and Estimation [Thesis]
1990 William K.A. Haizel M. Tiku Test of Equality of Means for an Autoregressive Model [Project]
1990 M.S.H. Kwan M. Tiku Robust Analysis of Variance [Project]
1990 Sean M. Milosevic-Hill M. Tiku A Robust Mean-Ratio Set [Project]
1990 Lai Ming Wu N. Balakrishnan Two-Sample Tests Based on Pivots and Bipivots [Project]
1989 Anna Del Carlo I. Chorneyko Three-Dimensional Fluctuation Theory: on the number of X- and Y-Dominant Paths [Project]
1989 Leung-Yam Siu S. Mohanty Combinations of the Wilcoxon and Kolmogorov-Smirnov Statistics [Project]
1989 Jalaja Varadan N. Balakrishnan Half Logistic Distribution: Type I Censoring and Estimation [Project]
1989 Elizabeth Yetisir H.H. Shannon Parameter and Confidence Interval Estimation in Nonlinear Regression for Epidemiological Study on Silicosis in Ontario Hardrock Miners [Project]
1989 Wai-Siu Jason Yip A. El-Shaarawi Inferenses from Censored Data with Applications to Water Quality [Project]
1988 Yin Yin Hsieh S. Mohanty On Bivariante Two-Sample Kolmogorov-Smirnov Type Test Statistics [Project]
1988 Cheuk Wai Ma N. Balakrishnan A Comparative Study of Various Tests for Equality of Population Variances [Project]
1988 Florance Matarise A. El-Shaarawi Time Series Analysis for unequally Spaced Univariate Data [Project]
1988 Tony Kwok-Ho Wong N. Balakrishnan [Project]
1987 Rohanna Shanta Ambagaspitiya N. Balakrishnan Order Statistics from Mixture-and 0outlier-Exponential Models and some Applications [Thesis]
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Estimation Methods for Determining Failure Rates of Component Families from Observed Failure Rates of Units and Yields of Component Families from Observed Yields of Units [Thesis]
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