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Math 790 Information

Examples of Previous Projects:

2022 Projects

John Nicholson “Simulation Classes of Aperiodic Algebras” (Supervisor: Dr. Mathew Valeriote)

2021 Projects

Emma Manninen “An Exploration of Quantum Computation and Complexity” (Supervisor: Dr. Mathew Valeriote)

2020 Projects

Emma Holmes “Sensitivity Analysis of a Keen-based Economic Model with Climate” (Supervisor: Dr. M. Grasseli)
Jarvis Kennedy “An Algebraic Condition for a Complex to be Virtual” (Supervisors: Dr. M. Harada and Dr. A. Van Tuyl)
Dicle Mutlu “Classification of 1-Types in Valued Differential Fields” (Supervisor: Dr. D. Haskell)
Ashleigh Robson-Petch “Transitions in Whooping Cough Dynamics in London 1664-1950” (Dr. D. Earn)

2019 Projects

Jordan Pyke “Transitions in London Measles Dynamic” (Supervisor Dr. D. Earn)
Michael Verwer “Bergman’s Condition and varieties with near unanimity terms” (Supervisor Dr. M. Valeriote)
Amandeep Heer “A Diversity Statistic and Its Probability Density Function” (Supervisor Dr. S. Feng)
Johnson Tan “Rabin’s Theorem

2018 Projects

Michael Cox “On Condition Numbers of On Condition Numbers of Companion Matrices” (Supervisor Dr. A. Van Tuyl)
David Faig ” De nability of Tree Languages” (Supervisor Dr. M. Valeriote)
Alexei Kuzmin ” Package evolvr: analysis of public goods games inPackage evolvr: analysis of public goods games infinite and infinite populations” (Supervisor Dr. D. Earn)
Roger Zhang “ Intentional infection as a method of population-level disease control” (Supervisor Dr. D. Earn)
Fraser Walker “ Keen model with exogenous shocks” (Supervisor Dr. M. Grasselli)

2017 Projects

Larry Wu: “Convexity and Extremality of Frame-associated Measures supported on the unit sphere SN-1” (Supervisor – Dr. J-P. Gabardo)
Sam Budd: “An Introduction to f-Ideals and their Complements” (Supervisor – Dr. A. Van Tuyl)
Becky Hooper: ” Shellability of the van der Waerden complex” (Supervisor – Dr. A. Van Tuyl)
Michael Riddell: “The Zero Forcing Number of Circulant Graphs” (Supervisors – Dr. A. Van Tuyl and Dr. K. VenderMeulen)

2016 Projects

Madelaine Hill: “A Predator-Prey Model in the Chemostat with Holling Type II Dynamics” (Supervisor – Dr. G. Wolkowicz)

2015 Projects

Taylor Lesnick: “The Constructibility of the Regular n-gon” (Supervisor – Dr. I. Hambleton)
Ana Lucic: “Investigating Psychometric Aspects of Math-Oriented Questions on PISA Tests” (Supervisor – Dr. M. Lovric)

2014 Projects

Chris Gatapolous: “Braid Group Cryptography” (Supervisor – Dr. H. Boden)
Joshua Lockridge: “On Solvable Polynomials and their Galois Groups” (Supervisor – Dr. M. Kolster)

2013 Projects

Bilal Abbasi: “Decay Rates of the Solutions of u = 0 in the Roberson-Walker Space-time” (Supervisor – Dr. W. Craig)
Maria Campanella:”Preserving Near Unanimity Termsunder Direct Products” (Supervisor – Dr. M. Valeriote)
Ben Goodman: “Two-Component Ginzburg Landau Functional” (Supervisor – Dr. S. Alama)
Ashan James: “Coexistence of Two Serotypes of Dengue Virus with and without Seasonal Variation” (Supervisor – Dr. G. Wolkowicz)
Amanda Kamping-Carder: “The Fermi-Pasta-Ulam System and Its Connection to the Boussinesq Equation” (Supervisor – Dr. W. Craig)
Vivek Thampi: “Backward Bifurcations inWithin Host HBV/HCVModels” (Supervisor – Dr. B. Bolker)
Lindsay White: “Finite Simple Groups in Geometry and Topology” (Supervisor – Dr. I. Hambleton)

2012 Projects

Mostafa Abdi: ”Study of Vortices in two-dimensional Harmonic Potentials” (Supervisor – Dr. D. Pelinovsky)
Islami Arash: ”Elliptic Curves and Elliptic Functions” (Supervisor – Dr. C. P. Mok)
Lauren DeDieu: ” Lambda-Harmonious Graph Colouring” (Supervisor – Dr. A. Rosa)
Sophia Halassy: ”Modelling of Nerve Impulses” (Supervisor – Dr. M. Lovric)
Zuzana Masarova: ”Reaction Graphs for Some Complete Graph Decompositions” (Supervisor – Dr. A. Rosa)
Angelica Mendaglio: ”A Comparative Review of Mathematical Educational Strategies in Ontario and Finland” (Supervisor – Dr. M. Lovric)
Abdel-Aziz Shehata: ”Hasimoto’s Trasnform and its Application to Vortex Filament Dynamics” (Supervisor – Dr. W. Craig)
Ozlem Umdu: ”The Monstrous Moonshine” ( Supervisor – Dr. M. Kolster)

2011 Projects

Andrew Lovric: ”The Perplexities of Proofs” (Supervisor – Dr. M. Lovric)
Blake Rasmussen: ”The Independence of the Continuum Hypothesis from ZFC” (Supervisor – Dr. B. Hart)
Chi Zhang: ”Homoclinic and heteroclinic solutions of the forced pendulum” (Supervisor – Dr. S. Alama)
Anam Hafsa: ”Idempotent Maltsev Conditions” (Supervisor – Dr. M. Valeriote)
Peter Kandolf: ”Exponential Integrators” (Supervisor – Dr. N. Kevlahan)
Rober Pupo: ”Random Matrix Theory and its Ramifications in Number Theory” (Supervisor – Dr. M. Min-Oo)
Roqayia Shalabi: ”Springer Varieties, Fixed Points , and Young Tableau Combinatorics” (Supervisor – Dr. M. Harada)
Juan Senisterra: ”Dynamical analysis of the anaerobic digestion model as proposed by Hess and Bernard” (Supervisor – Dr. G. Wolkowicz)
Xuan Meng: ”Optimal Portfolios Selection under Value-at-Risk” (Supervisor – Dr. T. Pirvu)