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I write a lot of software in R. Here are some R packages.

package purpose other authors download percentile on CRAN total downloads
lme4 mixed models Doug Bates, Martin Maechler 99.5 28.4M
broom.mixed “tidy” summaries of mixed models 96.8 618.1K
glmmTMB mixed models Mollie Brooks, Kasper Kristensen 96.6 974.6K
bbmle maximum likelihood estimation 96.5 1.0M
emdbook utilities for “Ecological Models and Data in R” 95.5 446.4K
R2admb R interface to AD Model Builder 88.2 137.4K
cpcbp common principal components analysis and size correction
mixstock analysis of “mixed stocks” (biological populations)
epigrowthfit epidemic growth curve estimation
McMasterPandemic epidemic model calibration and forecasting Steve Walker and others
fitode general purpose ODE fitting via sensitivity equations Daniel Park
celebrate goofy sound effects for statistical summaries
glmmadmb GLMMs with AD Model Builder
cricketr assessing stopping rules in cricket Ahsan Batti

Data and miscellaneous