Crack pattern in ceramics subject to thermal shock


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  • Ph.D. in Mathematics, Université Paris-Nord (France), 1998.
  • D.E.A. in Numerical Analysis, Université Paris-Nord (France), 1995.
  • Maîtrise in Applied Mathematics, Université Paris-Nord (France), 1994.



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Open-source software

  1. mef90/vDef: a parallel scalable finite element implementation of the variational approach to fracture in fortran90, based on the variational phase field approach. mef90/vDef is also available as a docker container on docker hub. DOI:10.5281/zenodo.3242131
  2. snlp: a fork of Brian C. Fabien’s Sequential Non Linear Programing code, modified to interface with PETSc, and to include fortran90 bindings, using the iso_c_bindings module. DOI:10.5281/zenodo.3242159
  3. VPFHF: a structured parallel three-dimensional finite element hydro-mechanical reservoir simulator developed Chukwudi Chukwudozie and Keita Yoshioka. DOI:10.5281/zenodo.3242138
  4. partitions: the implementation of the algorithms of Bourdin, B., Bucur, D., & Oudet, É. (2009). Optimal Partitions for Eigenvalues. SIAM J. Sci. Comput., 31(6), 4100–4114.. DOI:10.5281/zenodo.3242188

Plenary and significant lectures

  • SIAM Conference on Mathematical Aspects of Materials Science (MS20), Bilbao, Spain. Plenary lecture, May 2021.
  • 5th Conference on Computational Modeling of Fracture and Failure of Materials and Structures (CFRAC 2017), Nantes, France. Plenary lecture, June 2017.
  • Mathematical Aspects of Continuum Mechanics CoMFos 2011 conference, Hiroshima Kokusai Gakuin University, Japan. Two plenary lectures, Oct. 2011.


  • Fonds France-Canada de Recherche (France-Canada Research Fund), “Morphologie des fissures et formes à durabilité optimale” with E. Bonnetier at Université Grenoble Alpes.
  • Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) Discovery program, “Variational phase-field models of fracture”. Awarded April 2022.
  • U.S. Office of Naval Research, Long Range BAA for Navy and Marine Corps Science and Technology program, “Phase Field Fracture Simulation Assessment”, with P. Voorhees at Northwestern University, and K. Bhattacharya and K.T. Faber at Caltech. Awarded July 2021.
  • U.S. NSF, Applied Mathematics Program: “Collaborative Research: Optimal Design of Responsive Materials and Structures”, DMS-2009303, awarded July 2020.
  • U.S. NSF, RII program: “Track-1: Louisiana Materials Design Alliance (LAMDA)” (senior investigator), OIA-1946231, awarded May 2020.
  • Asahi Glass Company (AGC), Japan: “Laser cutting of tempered and un-tempered glass”. Awarded May 2019, extended May 2020.
  • Chevron ETC: “Modeling and simulation of natural fracture networks in sedimentary rocks”. Awarded April 2020.
  • U.S. NSF, Applied Mathematics program: “Diffusion-Driven Fracture” (PI), DMS-1716763, awarded September 2017.
  • U.S. NSF, DMREF program: “Designing Microstructures for Engineering Toughness”, DMS-1535076, (Co-PI). Awarded September 2015.
  • U.S. NSF, Applied Mathematics program: “Variational Approaches to Defect Mechanics” (PI), DMS-1312739, awarded September 2013.
  • Chevron ETC: “Investigating Non-Linear Effects Within the Realm of the Variational Approach to Fracture” (PI). Awarded September 2014.
  • Corning Inc.: “The Variational Approach to Fracture” (PI) awarded May 2014.
  • Chevron ETC: “Coupling heat and mass transfer with the variational approach to fracture” (PI). Awarded December 2012.
  • LA Board of Regents, Enhancement program: “Geothermal Resources: Cross-Disciplinary Research and Student Training” (Co-PI). Awarded April 2011.
  • Chevron ETC, Division of Special Projects and Unconventional Resources: “Variational fracture for oil shale stimulation” (PI). Awarded 10/2010.
  • U.S. NSF, Division of Mathematical Sciences, Applied Mathematics program: “Applications of Variational Fracture: Enhanced Geothermal Systems” (PI). DMS-0908267, awarded August 2009
  • U.S. NSF, Division of Mathematical Sciences, Applied Mathematics program: “A Free Discontinuity Approach to Brittle Fracture Mechanics: Analysis and Numerical Implementation” (PI). DMS-0605320, awarded May 2006.
  • LA Board of Regents Enhancement Program. “Enhancement of Material Sciences in the LSU Mathematics Department” (Co-PI). Awarded May 2005.
  • U.S. NSF, Integrated Graduate Education, Research and Training. “IGERT on Multi-Scale Computational Fluid Dynamics” (Co-PI). DGE-0504507, awarded July 2005.
  • LSU Council on Research, Faculty Research Grant. “Numerical Simulation and Visualization of Three-dimensional Free-discontinuity Problems” (PI). Awarded August 2004.
  • LA Board of Regents, Research and Competitiveness Program. “Phase-Field Method in Optimal Design” (PI). Awarded May 2003.
  • LSU Council on Research, Summer Stipend Program (PI). Awarded July 2003.

  • Computing allocations on U.S and Canadian national supercomputing facilities since 2005.