• Computational Statistics and Data Science

    Computational Statistics and Data Science

    Computational Statistics and Data Science is the application of high level techniques to complex data.


McMaster University will continue to host undergraduate academic activities remotely for the Spring/Summer/Intersession term with only a few exceptions for courses that need student access to specialized equipment.

Computational Statistics & Data Science

Computational statistics describes those areas of statistics that are necessarily highly computational. Researchers in this field usually have training in statistics, mathematics and computing. Research in computational statistics at McMaster includes work in bioinformatics, classification, clustering, EM algorithms, evolutionary algorithms, high-performance computing, latent variable models, mixed models, mixture models, and MM algorithms. From a mathematics and statistics perspective, data science can be viewed as the application of high level techniques to big, or otherwise complex, data. Often, no such high level technique is available and an approach must be developed to address a particular data question; when this happens, the approach developed is often a computational statistics approach; hence, the natural relationship between computational statistics and data science. At McMaster, researchers work on a wide range of data problems in areas such as health, biology, finance, and insurance.

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Professor and Canada Research Chair
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Classification, clustering, computational statistics, data science, machine learning, mixture models

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Assistant Professor
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Data science, evolutionary algorithms, high-dimensional problems, machine learning, mixture models

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