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PDE/Analysis Seminar Archive

Past Seminars




Mar 29/19 Tao Xu
Department of Mathematics
China University of Petroleum-Beijing
Stationary solutions of the nonlocal nonlinear Schrödinger equation
Feb 1/19 Cheng Yang , McMaster Casimir’s basis in 3D magnetohydrodynamics
Jan 25/19 Fabio Matheus Amorin Natali
State University of Marina, Brazil
Periodic traveling-wave solutions for Korteweg-de Vries type equations: sufficient conditions for orbital stability and applications
Dec 7/18 Andrew Comech
Texas A&M University
Spectral stabililty of small solitary waves in the nonlinear Dirac equation
Nov 23/18 Soonsik Kwon
Daejeon, Korea
Scattering of the defocusing generalized Benjamin-Ono equations
Nov 16/18 Hyungjin Huh
Chung-Ang University
Seoul, Korea
Remarks on Chern-Simons-Schrodinger equations 
Nov 2/18 Dario Valdebenito, McMaster University Some generic properties of Schrödinger operators with radial potentials
Apr 13/18 Cheng YangMcMaster University Oscillating flows, Central extensions, and a generalized Craik-Leibovich equation
Mar 23/18 Carlos Garcia-Azpeitia
Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico
Steady waves in flows over periodic streambeds
Dec 15/17 Hyungjin Huh
Department of Mathematics
University of Seoul, South Korea
Dynamical system approach to synchronization of the coupled Schroedinger–Lohe system
Nov 24/17 Jiaqi Liu
University of Toronto
 Global well-posedness in the derivative NLS equation
Nov 17/17 Nikolai Savelliev On gauge theoretic invariants of homology S^1 x S^3
Nov 10/17 Peter Perry
University of Kentucky
Inverse Scattering and Dispersive PDE’s in Two Dimensions
Nov 3/17 Xinliang An
Fields Institute
On Singularity Formation in General Relativity
Sept 29/17 Dario Valdebenito
McMaster University
Existence of quasiperiodic solutions of elliptic equations on the entire space
Sept 15/17 Walter Craig
McMaster University
Evolution equations: is the solution map of a PDE a flow?
April 7/17 Dr. Chun Liu
Penn State University
General Diffusion in Biological Environments
Mar 17/17 Cy Maor
University of Toronto
Non-Euclidean elasticity and asymptotic rigidity of manifolds
Jan 20/17 Jinbing Chen
Dept of Mathematics
Southeast University
The negative-order KdV hierarchy and its algebra-geometric solutions
Dec 16/16 Dmitry Golovaty
Akron University
Dimension Reduction for the Landau-de Gennes Model In Thin Nematic Films
Nov 25/16 Tetsu Mizumachi
Hiroshima University, Japan
On stability of line solitons for the KP-II equation
Oct 14/16 Alexandre Boritchev
University of Lyon, France
1D and multi-d Burgers Turbulence as a model case for the Kolmogorov Theory
Sept 16/16 T.H. Hsu
McMaster University
Viscous singular shock profiles for some systems of conservation laws
Apr 1/16 Clarence Eugene Wayne
Boston University
Mar 31/16 Ke Zhang
Recent developments in Arnold diffusion
Mar 18/16 Kyle Thompson
University of Toronto
Superconducting Interfaces
Mar 11/16 Yuri Cher
University of Toronto
Structure of singular profiles for a class of derivative nonlinear Schrodinger Equations
Mar 8/16 Ignacio Garcia
University of Waterloo
Self similar sets with overlaps and packing dimension
Jan 22/16 Benjamin Melinand
Universite de Bordeaux
The Proudman resonance
Dec 11/15 Carlos Garcia-Azpeitia
Departamento de Mathematicas, UNAM
Periodic traveling and standing waves in a circular chain of coupled pendula and Newton’s cradle
Nov 27/15 Chun-Kit Lai
San Francisco State University
Exponential bases and frames on fractals
Nov 13/15 Catherine Sulem
University of Toronto
Normal forms transformations for water waves
Nov 6/15 Pascal Poullet
McGill University and Guadeloupe
On the dynamic variant of the penalty-projection method for incompressible fluids
Oct 30/15 Kostya Khanin
University of Toronto
Oct 23/15 G. Alfinov
Phenomenon of “sliding velocities” in nonlinear dispersive models
Oct 9/15 Livia Corsi
McMaster University
An abstract KAM
Sept 25/15 Nicholas Kevlahan
Math & Stats Dept
McMaster University
Compressive sampling for estimating the energy spectra of turbulent flows
Sept 18/15 S. Alama
Math & Stats Dept
McMaster University
On singularities in nematic liquid crystals
Mar 6/15 Luda Korobenko
McMaster University
Continuity of weak solutions to infinitely degenerate elliptic equations via Sobolev inequalities for associate metrics
Feb 13/15 Roberto Feola
University of Rome
Quasi-periodic solutions for quasilinear forced NLS
Feb 6/15 Ihsan Topaloglu
McMaster University
Minimizers of Purely Nonlocal Attractive-Repulsive Energies via Interaction Regularization
Dec 12/14 Timur Akhunov
Rochester University
Hypoellipticity beyond Hormander’s bracket criterion
Nov 21/14 Jun Kitagawa
Fields Institute, Toronto
Toward regularity of weak solutions to generated Jacobian equations
Nov 5/14 Manuel V. Gnann
Fields Institute, Toronto
The moving contact line in viscous thin films: a singular free boundary problem
Oct 28/14 Nestor Guillen
Fields Institute
The Aleksandrov estimate: from second order to integro-differential equations 
Oct 24/14 Issa Karambal
Sheridan College
Evans function and Fredholm determinant 
Oct 15/14 Damir Kinzebulatov
Fields Institute, Toronto
Feller evolution families and parabolic equations with form-bounded vector fields 
Apr 16/14 Henrik Kalisch
University of Bergen
Mechanical Balance Laws for Boussinesq and KdV equations
Mar 26/14 Xavier Lamy
Universite de Llyon 1 and McMaster University
Ginzburg-Landau equation with semi-stiff conditions
Mar 5/14 Yusuke Shimabukuro
McMaster University
Orbital stability of solitons in the massive Thirring model via Backlund transformation
Feb 12/14 Chi-Ru Yang
Fields Institute
Applications of Nash-Moser theorem
Feb 5/14 Stan Alama
McMaster University
The Weak Anchoring Condition for Two-Dimensional Nematic Liquid Crystals
Dec 4/13 Andres Contreras
McMaster University
Concentration of points near a curve in certain variational problems
Nov 27/13 Carlos Garcia-Azpeitia
McMaster University
Construction of a periodic standing wave for n corotating vortex filaments from a central configuration
Nov 13/13 Amanda French
McMaster University
Global Existence for Semilinear Waves on Hyperbolic Space of High Dimension
May 8/13 Peter Sternberg
Indiana University
Motion of Ginzburg-Landau and Gross-Pitaevskii Vortices on Surfaces
Apr 5/13 Dan Geba
University of Rochester
Ill-posedness results for generalized Boussinesq equations
Mar 22/13 Kivilcim Alkan
Brock University
Inelastic Curve Flows in 2- and 3- Dimensional Minkowskian Space
Mar 15/13 Elena D. Avdonina
Ufa State Aviation Technical University, Russia
Conservation laws and particular solutions of anisotropic heat equation
Feb 1/13 Timur Akhunov
University of Calgary
A sharp condition for the well-posedness of the linear KdV equation on R
Jan 25/13 Mohammad El Smaily
University of Toronto
Fronts in Heterogeneous Media: Speed up by Flows
Nov 9/12 Mihaela Ifrim
Mathematics & Statistics
McMaster University
Normal form transformations for quasilinear wave equations
Nov 2/12 Nicholas Kevlahan
Mathematics & Statistics
McMaster University
A conservative adaptive wavelet method for the shallow water equations on staggered grids
Oct 5/12 Andres Contreras
Mathematics & Statistics
McMaster University
Sep 28/12 Amanda French
Mathematics & Statistics
McMaster University
Sep 21/12 Discussion Session
Sep 14/12 Walter Craig
Mathematics & Statistics
McMaster University
Vortex filament interactions

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