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Past Seminars:

Mar 23/18 Hermann EberlUniversity of Guelph A biofilm reactor model that accounts for suspended bacteria
Mar 16/18 Matthew Burgess  Title and Abstract tba
Nov 17/17 Dr. Wilfred Ndifon, African Institute of Mathematical Sciences Seeking redemption from original antigenic sin: insights from immunology and mathematics
Nov 18/16 Hermann Eberl, University ofGuelph  Spatially implicit and spatially explicit models of bacterial cellulose degradation
Nov 4/16 Ting-Hao Hsu, McMaster University Bifurcation delay and the entry-exit function
Oct 21/16 Chiu-Ju Lin, McMaster University Modeling the trade-off between transmissibility and contact in infectious disease dynamics
Sept 23/16 Todd Parsons, Universite Paris The stochastic evolution of pathogeen virulence
Nov 2/15 David Champredon, McMaster University Generation Interval Distributions
Sept 28/15 Chai Molina, McMaster University Evolutionary stability in continuous nonlinear public goods games
April 9/15 Edward Thommes
GlaxoSmithKline & University of Guelph
Examining Ontario's universal influenza immunization program with a multi-strain dynamic model
Jan 29/15 Yun Tian Dynamics of a HIV virotherapy with nonlinear incidence and delays in cell iinfection and virus production
Dec 5/14 Robert Smith From regional pulse vaccination to global disease eradiction: insights from a mathematical model of Poliomyelitis
Nov 28/14 Peter Stechlinski
Infectious disease modelling: a hybrid system approach
Nov 21/14 Spencer Hunt
McMaster University
HPV Type Replacement and Within-Host Modelling
Nov 14/14 Edward Thommes
Nov 7/14 Spencer Hunt  
Oct 24/14 Todd Parson A Non-exchangeable Coalescent Process Arising in Phylogenetics
Oct 10/14 Zhenze Liu
Jilin University, China
Design and development of the lower limb rehabililtation training robot based on the underactuated biped walking mechanism
Oct 3/14 Ben Bolker
McMaster University
Non-standard analyses of detectability in ecological systems
Apr 11/14 Sasha Teslya
McMaster University
DDE-Bif tool: introduction and brief demonstration on the predator prey model with discrete and uniformly distributed delay
Feb 7/14 Julien Arino
University of Manitoba
Apr 5/13  Peter Abrams 
EEB, Toronto 
Mar 8/13 Gail S.K. Wolkowicz 
Mathematics & Statistics
McMaster University 
Feb 8/13 Steven Walker 
University of Toronto 
Apr 30/12  Chad Wells 
Mathematics & Statistics
University of Guelph 
The Impact of Personal Experiences with Infection and Vaccination on Behaviour-Incidence Dynamics of Seasonal Influenza
Apr 23/12  Jane Heffernan 
Mathematics & Statistics
York University 
Effects of Pre-existing Immunity
Apr 16/12  Daniel Munther 
Centre for Disease Modelling, York University 
Evolutionary convergence to ideal free dispersal strategies and coexistence
Nov 24/11  Alexandra Teslya 
Mathematics & Statistics
McMaster University 
Adaptive methods for stochastic simulation of biochemical systems
Nov 17/11  Carmen Lia Murall 
University of Guelph 
The ecology of in-host systems: with application to Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination
Nov 3/11  Hedia Fgaier 
Math and Stat, University of Guelph 
Modeling of Microbial Populations under Iron Limitation: Predictive Modeling, Competition, and Optimal Control
Oct 27/11  Jinhui Ma 
Clinical Epidemiology & Biostatistics, McMaster University 
Determining the Minimum Detectable Hazard Ratio for a Population Based Longitudinal Study Using Multi-state Markov Model: A Simulation Study
Oct 20/11  Haiyan Wang 
Arizona State University, USA 
Spreading speeds and traveling waves for non-cooperative reaction-diffusion systems
Oct 13/11  Hana Dobrovolny 
PhyMBIE, Ryerson University 
What can mathematical modelling tell us about influenza?
Oct 6/11  Todd Parsons 
University of Toronto 
Inferring Diversity Dynamics
Sep 22/11  Chai Molina 
Mathematics & Statistics
McMaster University 
Modelling the spread of diseases in clustered networks

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