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 March 19/19

March 19/19 Wei Xu
University of Toronto
Statistical Methodology and Applications on Cancer Pharmacogenomic Research
Jan 8/19 Dr. Reza Arabi Belaghi
McMaster University
Shrinkage Estimators in Gamma Regression Model
Dec 4/18 Paul McNicholas
McMaster University
Matrix Variate Distributions and Clustering
Oct 30/18 N. Balakrishnan
McMaster University
Multivariate Stochastic Comparisons in Actuarial Science and Applications
Oct 23/18 Peter Macdonald
McMaster University
Fitting Finite Mixture Distributions with the R Package mixdist
Oct 2/18 Nikola Pocuca
McMaster University
Modeling Frequency and Severity of Claims with the Generalized Cluster-Weighted Model
Sept 18/18 Shui Feng, McMaster University Dirichlet Process and Poisson-Dirichlet Distribution: Constructions and Asymptotic Results
Apr 3/18 Nkhahle Thabane, McMaster University The Creation of the CONSORT Statement and its Impact on the Reporting of Randomized Control Trials Abstracts
Mar 27/18 Forrest Paton, McMaster University Natural Language Processing: A tutorial
Mar 20/18 Youngki Shin
McMaster University
Optimal Estimation with Complete Subsets of Instruments
Mar 13/18 Francis Kiwon
McMaster University
Soothing the 'Curse of Dimensionality' by Generalized Local Polynomial Regression
Mar 6/18 Mu Tian
McMaster University
Ensemble Learning Methods in Machine Learning
Feb 27/18 Jeffrey Racine
McMaster University
Bootstrap Model Averaging Unit Root Inference
Feb 6/18 Yi Shen
University of Waterloo
Operator-scaling Gaussian random fields via aggregation
Jan 30/1 Chenxing (Robin) Li
DeGroote School of Business
McMaster University
A Brief Review of Bayesian Financial Time-Series and A New MGARCH-Jump Mixture Model
Jan 23/18 Arman Siddique
McMaster University
Causal Inference for polypharmacy: Propensity score estimation with multiple concurrent medications
Jan 16/18 Jonathan Dushoff
Department of Biology, McMaster University
Is Statistical "Significance" a Thing? Bridging between science and statistical theory
Jan 9/18 Rui Zhu
Capital Normal University, Beijing
Small World  effect and the modified Newman-Watts Small World
Dec 5/17 Feras Samain
McMaster University
Actuarial Reserving for Property and Casualty Insurance Liabilities
Nov 28/17 Ben Bolker
McMaster University
Current Status of the Mixed-Modeling Ecosystem in R
Nov 21/17 Dr. Vaneeta Kaur Grover
Applications of Design of Experiments in Topical Formulations
Nov 14/17 Jing Cai
McMaster University
Indian Buffet Process: Motivation, Application and Extensions.
Oct 31/17 Dr. Arash Jamshidpey
Quenched martingale problem, duality method, and some applications for population models in random environments
Oct 24/17 Dr. Yang Tang
McMaster University
Dimensionalilty Reduction with Non-Gaussian Mixtures
Oct 17/17 Melanie Poulin-Costello
Roche Canada
Statistical Power of Drug Development
Oct 3/17 Shui Feng
McMaster University
Diversity Index and Random Discrete Probabilities
April 7/17 Robert N. Rodriguez
SAS Institute
Methods, Models, Motivation, and More: Recent Developments in SAS/STAT Software
April 4/17 Marianthi Markatou
Department of Biostatistics
University at Buffalo
The Role of Kernels in Data Analysis: A Statistical Perspective
Mar 21/17 Lehana Thabane
Department of Health Research Methods, Evidence and Impact
McMaster University
The “statistical” pleasures of formal collaborations in medical
Mar 16/17 Hon Keung Tony Ng
Department of Statistical Science, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas, U.S.A.
Expectation-maximization and stochastic expectation-maximization algorithms for the analysis of system lifetime data 
Mar 7/17 Tao Tan
Math & Stats Dept
McMaster University
Bivariate autoregressive conditional duration model and associated inference
Feb 28/17 Sayantee Jana
Math & Stats Dept
McMaster University
Estimation of the Parameters of the Growth Curve Model under Multivariate Skew Normal Distribution
Feb 14/17 N. Balakrishnan
Math & Stats Dept
McMaster University
A Random-Sum Wilcoxon Statistic and Its Application to Analysis of ROC and LROC Data
Jan 31/17 Tatjana Miljkovic
Miami University, Oxford
Mixture Modeling of Loss Data with Multiple Right-Censoring Points and Partial Censoring
Jan 17/17 Sameer Parpia
Depts of Oncology & Clinical Epidemiology & Biostatistics
McMaster University
Application of the Mixture Cure Model to Medical Research
Nov 29/16 Sandip Barui
McMaster University
Analysis of some destructive cure rate models under proportional hazards and associated inference
Nov 22/16 Giorgos Afendras
Univ. of Buffalo
Uniform Integrability of the OLS Estimators, and the Convergence of their Moments 
Nov 1/16 Ben Bolker
McMaster University
Session 2
Basics of distributed and parallel computation ('parallel', 'foreach' packages).

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Nov 8/16 Ben Bolker
McMaster University
Session 3
Interfacing R with higher-performance languages, specifically introduction to Rcpp ('Rcpp': touch on 'RcppEigen', 'RcppArmadillo').

More information/URL for all material is at
Nov 15/16 Ben Bolker
McMaster University
Session 4
Oct 3/16   Basic Latex - Information Session 2
Sept 27/16   Exact nonparametric inference for reliability in multi-sample situation: New wine in an old bottle
Apr 12/16 Yuehua (Amy) Wu Multiple mean-shift detection in location models
Apr 5/16 Melody Ghahramani
University of Winnipeg
A Semi-parametric Model for Autocorrelated Count Data
Mar 15/16 Tao Tan
PhD Candidate
McMaster University
Bivariate Birnbaum-Saunders AutoregressiveConditional Duration Model
Mar 8/16 Petar Jevtic
Math & Stats
McMaster University
Luca Regis
IMT Institute for Advanced Studies
Lucca, AXES Research Unit
A continuous-time model for the mortality surface of multiple populations
Feb 9/16 Kirill Mayorov
Royal Bank of Canada
Goodness-of-fit Tests for Selection of Severity Distributions in Operational Risk Modeling
Feb 2/16 Math & Stats Dept
McMaster University
Reproducible research in the R ecosystem
Jan 26/16 N. Balakrishnan
McMaster University
It's all BS!
Jan 19/16 Hon Yiu So
McMaster University
One-shot device testing analysis with competing risks
Jan 12/16 S.D. Walter
McMaster University
Latent class modelling of randomised trials where the outcome is subject to measurement error
Dec 1/15 Angelo Canty
Dept of Math & Stats
McMaster University
Longitudinal Genome-Wide Association Studies: Methodology and a Case Study
Nov 24/15 Zeny Feng
University of Guelph
Cluster analysis of micro biome data via mixture of Dirichlet-multinomial regression models.
Nov 10/15 Ivor Cribben
University of Alberta
A new method for estimating spectral clustering change points for multivariate time series
Nov 3/15 Sunny Wang
St. Francis Xavier University 
Nova Scotia
Classifying Imbalanced Drug Discovery Data with Adaptively Chosen k & Weighted K-Nearest Neighbou method 
Oct 27/15 Thierry Duchesne
Universite Laval
Analysis of Animal Movement from GPS Data: Two Modeling Paradigms
Oct 20/15 Matthieu Marbac
Math & Stats Dept
McMaster University
Mixture model of Gaussian copulas
Oct 6/15 Jean-Francois Plante
HEC, Montreal
Challenges, Tools and Examples for Big Data Inference
April 14/15 S. Ejaz Ahmed
Brock University
Big Data Analysis: Is the Universe Sparse?
Mar 31/15 Joel A. Dubin
McMaster University
Challenges in Modeling Multivariate Longitudinal Smoking Cessation Data
Mar 24/15 Paula Murray
McMaster University
A Hidden Truncation Hyperbolic Distribution
Mar 17/15 Paul McNicholas
McMaster University
The formation of, and clustering data from, sensory-informed designs
Mar 10/15 Nickos Papadatos
University of Athens
Orthogonal polynomials and variance bounds in the Integrated Pearson family
Mar 3/15 Hon Yiu So
McMaster University
EM Algorithm for One-shot Device Testing under Two Exponential Competing Risks
Feb 24/15 Steven Walter
Professor Emeritus
McMaster University
Can we take patient preferences for treatment into account in clinical trials
Feb 10/15 Peter Macdonald
McMaster University
Fitting Finite Mixture Distributions with the R Package mixdist
Jan 27/15 Mateen Shaikh
McMaster University
Assessing Constraints of Dirichlet-Multinomial Mixture Models for Human Microbiome Analysis
Jan 20/15 Suvra Pal
WITS, South Africa
EM-Based Likelihood Inference for the Destructive Exponentially Weighted Poisson Cure Rate Model with Generalized Gamma Lifetime and Model Discrimination
Dec 9/14 John Fox
Department of Sociology
McMaster University
Visualizing Lack of Fit in Complex Regression Models: Adding Partial Residuals to Effect Display
Dec 2/14 Brian Franczak
McMaster University
Mixture of Skewed Distributions with Hypercube Contours
Nov 25/14 Harry Shannon
Department of Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics
McMaster University
Sampling in the Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging
Nov 18/14 Gregory Pond
Department of Oncology
McMaster University
Progresson-Free Survival: The Use of Surrogate Endpoints in Oncology
Nov 11/14 Adelchi Azzalini
Universita de Padova
Padova, Italia
Clustering based on non-parametric density estimation: a proposal
Nov 4/14 Helton Saulo
McMaster University
A family of autoregressive conditional duration models applied to financial data
Oct 28/14 Roman Viveros-Aguillera
McMaster University
Some Aspects of Quality Control
Oct 21/14 Lehana Thabane
McMaster University
Debunking the myths about pragmatic trials:separating fiction from fact
Oct 14/14 Cristina Tortora
McMaster University
Cluster Analylsis using the Generalized Hyperbolic Distribution
Oct 7/14 Erhard Cramer
Nonparametric statistical intervals based on ordered data
Sept 30/14 Francesco Palumbo
Univeristyof Naples, Frederico II
Categorical Data Clustering
Sept 5/14 Yan-Xia Ren A Strong Law of Large Numbers for Super-stable Processes
Apr 1/14   The Joy of Statistics - A Movie

Mar 25/14

Angelo Canty
McMaster University 
Genome-Wide Association Analysis of Complex Multivariate Phenotypes

Mar 18/14

Oana Danila
University of Waterloo
The Assessment of Binary Measurement Systems-Current Challenges and Solutions

Mar 11/14

Amanda Lafontaine
Northbridge, Toronto
The Role of Statistics in Applied Business Research

Mar 4/14

Xiaojun Zhu
McMaster University
On the Birnbaum-Saunders Distribution and Associated Inference

Feb 11/14

Sathish Pichika
HRM, McMaster University
Variable Selection and Data Integration Using Sparse Canonical Correlation Analysis

Feb 4/14

Chu-Shu Gu
HRM, McMaster University
A Quasi–Likelihood Approach to Detect Differentially Expressed Genes in RNA–Seq Data

Jan 21/14

Roman Viveros-Aguilera
McMaster University
Estimation and Inference for Integer Parameters

Jan 14/14

N. Balakrishnan
McMaster University
Ordering Order Statistics

Dec 3/13

Ashley Bonner
McMaster University
Sparse Statistical Methodology for High-dimensional Data: Simulations of Sparse Principal Component Analysis and Applications to Genomics with a Look Towards Data Integration Problems

Nov 26/13

Stephen Walter
McMaster University
The Impact of Early Stopping Rules in Randomised Trials on the Estimation of Treatment Benefit

Nov 12/13

Ben Bolker
McMaster University
Generalized Linear Mixed Models (GLMMs)

Nov 5/13

Fotios Milienos
McMaster University
Finite Markov Chain Imbedding Technique: Method and Applications

Oct 22/13

Katherine Davies
University of Manitoba
A Two-Dimensional Renewal Model with Applications

Oct 15/13

Sneh Gulati
Florida International University

Estimating the Quantiles of the Loss Distribution for the Public Hurricane Loss Model

Oct 8/13

Stefan Steiner
University of Waterloo

Monitoring Medical Outcomes with Weighed Estimating Equations 

Sep 17/13

Dr. Joseph Beyene
CE&B, McMaster University
Integrative 'biostatomics': Concepts, Methods and Challenges

Apr 4/13 

Sheldon Ross 
University of Southern California 
Queueing Loss Models with Heterogeneous Servers and Discriminating Arrivals

Apr 2/13 

Paul McNicholas 
University of Guelph 
Recent Work on Non-Gaussian Methods

Mar 26/13 

Suvra Pal 
McMaster University 
Weibull Lifetimes and Likelihood-Based Inferential Aspects for Flexible Cure Rate Models

Mar 19/13 

Ick Huh 
McMaster University 
The bivariate EWMA with two unequal smoothing parameters

Mar 12/13 

Narayanaswamy Balakrishnan 
McMaster University 
A Random-Sum Wilcoxon Statistic and Its Application to Analysis of ROC and LROC Data

Mar 5/13 

Helton Saulo 
McMaster University 
Generalized Birnbaum–Saunders kernel density estimators and an analysis of financial data

Feb 26/13 

Ahmed Hossain 
CE&B, McMaster University 
Non-parametric statistical methods for the analysis of high-dimensional genomics data

Feb 12/13 

Jiwei Zhao 
Yale University 
Identifiability and Estimation in Statistical Models with Nonignorable Missing Data

Feb 5/13 

Thuvaraha Vanniyasingam 
McMaster University 
Predicting the occurrence of a major adverse cardiac event within 30 days of a patient’s vascular surgery: An individual patient-data meta-analysis

Jan 29/13 

Jeffrey Racine 
Economics, McMaster University 
Infinite Order Cross-validated Local Polynomial Regression

Jan 22/13 

Sayantee Jana 
McMaster University 
The Growth Curve Model for High Dimensional Data and its Application in Genomics

Jan 15/13 

William Volterman 
McMaster University 
Exact Nonparametric Analysis of Pooled Order Statistics Arising from Multiple Independent Samples

Nov 27/12 

Mariko Yamamura 
Hiroshima University 
Interpretation of the estimation result by logistic regression model

Nov 20/12 

Augustine Wong  Applications of saddlepoint-based methods

Nov 13/12 

Laila Alkhalfan 
McMaster University 
Inference for a Simple Gamma Step-Stress Model with Type-II Censoring

Nov 6/12 

Greg Pond 
Escarpment Cancer Research Institute, McMaster University 
Applied Biostatistics Research in Academic Oncology

Oct 30/12 

Joseph Beyene 
CE&B, McMaster University 
Assessing performance of meta-analytic models for intervention and diagnostic studies: Empirical and simulation studies

Oct 23/12 

Ashley Bonner 
CE&B, McMaster University 
Sparse Principal Component Analysis for High-Dimensional Data:
A simulation study plus applications to genomic data

Oct 16/12 

Shojeddin Chenouri 
University of Waterloo 
Multivariate nonparametric control charts and change point detection

Oct 9/12 

Eleanor Pullenayegum 
CE&B, McMaster University 
Analysis of longitudinal data subject to irregular observation

Oct 2/12 

Jeffrey S. Racine 
Economics, McMaster University 
Enhanced LaTEX session (Reproducible Research)

Sep 25/12 

Erhard Cramer 
Institute of Statistics, Germany 
Type-I/Type-II hybrid progressive Type-I/Type-II censored data - models, properties, and recent results

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