Algebra Seminar Archive

This semester brings together faculty, postdoctoral fellows, and graduate students who are interested in Algebra.

Past Seminars:





Feb 11/19 Ozgur Esentepe
A Milnor-Jung Type Formula for Double Branched Covers of Algebraic Plane Curves
Jan 21/19 Giusseppe Favvachio
The ACM Property for varieties in multiprojective spaces
Jan 7/19 Adam VanTuyl
McMaster University
Comparing the regularity and the degree of the h-polynomial of an edge ideal
Oct 29/18 Sergio Da Silva, 
On the Gorensteinization of Schubert varieties via boundary divisors
Sept 24/18 Adam VanTuyl
McMaster University
Introduction to Hilbert functions and Hilbert polynomials
Sept 10/18 Mike Cox, Johannes Hofscheier,
Graham Keiper, Adam Van Tuyl

McMaster University
Summer 2018 Recap
Apr 2/18 Michael Cox
McMaster University
Michael Chong
McMaster University
Titles of Seminars
Mar 5/18 Miguel Paczka
Affine Algebraic Codes
Feb 12/18 Marvi Catalisano
Genoa, Italy
Yong-Su Shin
South Korea

On the Hilbert function of general fat points in P^1 x P^1.

Representation Theory and Lefschetz Properties

Jan 29/18 Ashwini Bhat
Oklahoma State
Borel ideals and a generalization
Nov 27/17 Jason Palombaro
McMaster University
Groebner basis of ideals of points in P^1 x P^1
Nov 13/17 Adam Van Tuyl
McMaster University
The Hilbert function of fat points
Oct 30/17 Johannes Hofscheier
McMaster University
Ehrhart Theory: When Hilbert functions meet lattice polytopes
Oct 23/17 Vincent Gelinas
University of Toronto
Constructing infinite free resolutions for rings of Krull dimension one via noncommutative Artinian rings
Sept 25/17  F. Galetto
McMaster University
Distinguishing k-Configurations
Sept. 11/17 Adam Van Tuyl
McMaster University
An introduction to the Hilbert functions of points
Mar 29/17 Federico Galetto
Math & Stats Dept
McMaster University
Regular sequences and symmetric group actions
Mar 22/17 Adam Van Tuyl
Math & Stats Dept
McMaster University
The associated primes of powers of ideals
Mar 15/17 Sam Budd
McMaster University
Becky Hooper
McMaster University


The van der Waerden Complex

Feb 1/17 Yong-Su Shin
Sungshin Women's University, Korea
An Artinian ring and Lefschetz properties
Jan 11/17 Adam Van Tuyl
McMaster University
The Waldschmidt constant of square-free monomial ideals
Nov 28/16 Mats Boij
Lefschetz Properties
Nov 21/16 Omar Kihel
Brock University
On the common factors of indices of a number field and Ore's conjecture.
Nov 18/16 Steffan Marcus
The College of New Jersey
Fans of logarithmic structures

(Joint with Geometry & Topology Seminar)
Nov 7/16 Barbara Bolognese
Fields Institute
On the connectivity of dual graphs of projective curves
Oct 24/16

Alexandra Seceleanu
Configurations of points and lines and an ideal containment problem
Sept 26/16 Diane Maclagan
Tropical commutative algebra
Sept 19/16 Zach Teitler
Boise State University
Bounds for Waring rank
Sept 12/16 Adam Van Tuyl
McMaster University
The symbolic defect of an ideal
Mar 24/16 Greg Lee
Lakehead University
Group Identities on Unit Groups of Group Rings 
Mar 17/16 Tyrone Ghaswala
Waterloo University
The Superelliptic Covers and the Lifting Mapping Class Group
Feb 29/16 Chris Francisco
Oklahoma State University
Monomial ideals and poset stability conditions
Feb 4/16 Caroline Junkins
Western University
Schubert cycles and subvarieties of generalized Severi-Brauer varieties
Jan 28/16 Christian Maire
Decomposition, analytic pro-p groups and p-class groups
Jan 14/16 Jennifer Biermann
Mt. Holyoke
Toric ideals associated to graphs
Nov 26/15 Federico Galetto
McMaster Universit
An overview of Boij-Söderberg theory
Nov 12/15 Robert Krone
Numerical primary decomposition
Oct 29/15 Kam-Fai (Geo) Tam
McMaster University
Parametrizing representations of p-adic classical groups - part 2
Oct 22/15 Anna Bigatti
CoCoA's all flavour Bases - plain, toric, points, approximate..
Oct 8/15 David McKinnon
s-arithmetic groups and quantum computing
Oct 1/15 Kam-Fai (Geo) Tam
Math and Stats Dept
McMaster University
Sept 17/15

Adam Van Tuyl
Math and Stats Dept
McMaster University
Introduction to toric ideals of graphs
Sept 24/15 Adam Van Tuyl
Math and Stats Dept
McMaster University
Resolutions of toric ideals of graphs


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