Passing of James Stewart - Professor Emeritus of Mathematics

It is with sadness that we announce that James Stewart, Professor Emeritus of Mathematics, died yesterday December 3 in Toronto. Jim received his Master of Science from Stanford University and his PhD from the University of Toronto in 1967 and worked for two years as a postdoctoral fellow at the University of London. His research specialty was harmonic and functional analysis. Jim was a faculty member in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics for many years, where he was renowned for the high quality of his teaching and was especially loved by his many students. Jim had an unusually deep understanding and appreciation of teaching and a real sympathy for his students. It was his special ability and dedication to teaching that allowed him to develop his series of calculus textbooks, which have been runaway bestsellers throughout North America for many years. Jim was perhaps Canada's bestselling author of all time! Outside of mathematics, Jim loved music and was an excellent violinist and former member of the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra. He was also a connoisseur of architecture and his beautiful Integral House is one of the best-known examples of private architecture in Canada in the past decade. Jim was also a philanthropist, generously supporting music and mathematics in many ways. Here at McMaster his gift catalysed the renovation of Hamilton Hall into the James Stewart Centre for Mathematics. We also benefitted from his insistence on architecture of the highest calibre: thanks to Jim's good taste the renovation by architects KPMB, has won numerous prizes, including the Governor General's Gold Medal and the American Institute of Architects Honor Award. We were lucky to have such a multi-talented and generous colleague.

Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Self-financed Students Abroad


Congratulations to PhD student Xiaojun Zhu who has been awarded a "Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Self-financed Students Abroad" from the China Scholarship Council (CSC). This award was founded by the Chinese government in 2003 with the purpose of rewarding the academic excellence of self-financed Chinese students studying overseas. Only those with outstanding performance in their PhD studies are considered by the award selection panel and no more than 500 young talents are granted the award each year all over the world.

CAIMS 2014 Cecil Graham Doctoral Dissertation Award

Congratulations to Dr Diego Ayala for receiving the CAIMS 2014 Cecil Graham Doctoral Dissertation Award. The DDA committee has met and unanimously agrees that the 2014 Cecil Graham Doctoral Dissertation Award be given to Dr. Diego Ayala for his thesis titled "Extreme Vortex States and Singularity Formation in Incompressible Flows". The thesis contains truly novel work that uses optimal control theory and scientific computation to study extreme and singular behavior in the Navier-Stokes equations. The results are important in a variety of applications from atmospheric science to hematology. The committee was impressed with the breadth of the work:the thesis bridges basic methods of analysis with scientific and high performance computing, obtaining new insights into analytical results. Dr. Ayala received his PhD from McMaster University under the supervision of Professor Bartosz Protas in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. Dr. Ayala is continuing his research as a PostdoctoralAssistant Professor at the University of Michigan

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