McMaster University will continue to host undergraduate academic activities remotely for the Spring/Summer/Intersession term with only a few exceptions for courses that need student access to specialized equipment.

Model Theory Seminar - Jan Arulseelan - Undecidability in the Model Theory of Operator Algebras


Title: Undecidability in the Model Theory of Operator Algebras

Speaker: Jan Arulseelan (McMaster University)

Abstract: Recent work of Ji, Natarajan, Vidick, Wright and Yuen has resolved Tsirelson's problem and its equivalent, the Connes Embedding Problem (CEP), in the negative by complexity theoretic means. Earlier work of Goldbring and Hart proved a connection between CEP and computability of the (continuous) universal theory of the hyperfinite II_1 factor. Building upon this earlier work, Goldbring and Hart have proven a significant strengthening of the falsity of CEP. In this talk, we will discuss these computability theoretic techniques in operator algebras and their extension to hyperfinite factors of type other than II_1. 

Location: Virtual 

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