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Statistics Seminar - Pratheepa Jeganathan - Statistical Methods in Molecular Microbiology


Title: Statistical Methods in Molecular Microbiology

Speaker: Pratheepa Jeganathan (McMaster University)

Abstract: High-throughput sequencing generates massive molecular microbial datasets that pose several statistical challenges. There has been a substantial development in statistical methods to address contamination sequences from reagents, unequal sampling, unbounded and undetected taxa, sparsity, and heterogeneity. I will talk about the application of the Bayesian topic model to infer microbial communities [1,2] and differential topic analysis. I will use a previously analyzed plant microbiome dataset to demonstrate the statistical and R/Bioconductor/Stan tools available for this problem. In conclusion, I will discuss other opportunities that abound in applying Bayesian hierarchical methods to analyze molecular microbial data.

[1] D. M. Blei, A. Y. Ng, and M. I. Jordan. Latent Dirichlet allocation. Journal of Machine Learning Research, 3(Jan):993-1022, 2003.
[2] K. Sankaran and S. P. Holmes. Latent variable modeling for the microbiome. Biostatistics, 20(4):599-614, 2019.

Date/Time: Tuesday October 27, 3:30 - 4:30 

Location: Virtual 

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