Algebra and Algebraic Geometry Seminar - Peter Crooks - Some Poisson-geometric features of Hessenberg varieties


Speaker: Peter Crooks (Northeastern)

Title: Some Poisson-geometric features of Hessenberg varieties

Abstract: Hessenberg varieties form a distinguished, well-studied, and important class of closed subvarieties in the flag variety, and are perhaps best known for their incarnations in algebraic geometry, combinatorics, and representation theory. At the same time, there is an emerging body of literature on connections between Hessenberg varieties and De Concini-Procesi wonderful compactifications. These connections define a role for Hessenberg varieties in complex symplectic and Poisson geometry, and thereby stand to elucidate new features of Hessenberg varieties.

I will give an overview of the themes mentioned above, highlighting joint works with each of Hiraku Abe, Ana Balibanu, and Markus Roeser.

Location: Virtual, Zoom
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