McMaster University will continue to host undergraduate academic activities remotely for the Spring/Summer/Intersession term with only a few exceptions for courses that need student access to specialized equipment.

Model Theory Seminar - Taboka Chalebgwa, "Algebraic values of transcendental functions”


HH - 410

Speaker: Taboka Chalebgwa (Fields Institute and McMaster University)

Title: Algebraic values of transcendental functions

Abstract: This talk will be based on the well studied problem of finding asymptotic bounds for the density of rational (or algebraic) points of bounded height on transcen- dental sets. The guiding philosophy here is that such sets should contain (in a quantifiable way) “few” such points. After pointing out the connections with model theory, I will focus on the particular instances where the sets in question are graphs of transcendental analytic or meromorphic functions. I will give a quick survey of some of the work I have done within this setting.
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