Colloquium-Anna L. Mazzucato- Mixing, transport, and enhanced dissipation


Name: Anna L. Mazzucato (Penn State University)

Title: Mixing, transport, and enhanced dissipation

Abstract: I will discuss transport of passive scalars by incompressible flows and measures of optimal mixing and stirring.

I will present two examples of opposite effects of mixing: one leads to irregular transport and a dramatic, instantaneous loss of regularity for transport equation, the other is enhanced dissipation, which can lead to global existence in non-linear, dissipative systems. In particular, I will show how mixing leads to global existence for the 2D Kuramoto-Sivashisky equation, a model for flame propagation.

Location: Hamilton Hall, Room 305

Coffee and Cookies will be served in Hamilton Hall Lounge at 3:00 pm.
Everyone is welcome.
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