Algebra and Algebraic Geometry Special Seminar - Allen Knutson -Schubert puzzles and quiver varieties


Speaker: Allen Knutson (Cornell University)

Title: Schubert puzzles and quiver varieties

Abstract: There are many formulae for the multiplication of Schubert classes in the cohomology ring of a Grassmannian, most famously the Littlewood-Richardson rule. Paul Zinn-Justin observed that my "puzzle" rule (with Terry Tao) for the generalization to equivariant cohomology is based on a solution to the Yang-Baxter equation. I'll explain Maulik-Okounkov's work showing how such solutions arise on "Nakajima quiver varieties", which led to the solution of many more problems in Schubert calculus. This work is joint with Paul Zinn-Justin and Iva Halacheva.

Location: Hamilton Hall 104
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