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AIMS Lab Seminar - Jose Morales - Stochastic Galerkin Methods for the Boltzmann-Poisson system


HH 403

Speaker: Jose Morales

Title: Stochastic Galerkin Methods for the Boltzmann-Poisson system

Abstract: We study the uncertainty quantification for a Boltzmann-Poisson system that models electron transport in semiconductors and the physical collision mechanisms over the charges. We use the stochastic Galerkin method in order to handle the randomness associated to the problem. The main uncertainty in the Boltzmann equation is knowing the initial condition for a large number of particles, which is why the problem is formulated in terms of a probability density in phase space. The second source of uncertainty, directly related to the quantum nature of the problem, is the collision operator, as its structure in this semi-classical model comes from the quantum scattering matrices operating on the wave function associated to the electron probability density. Additional sources of uncertainty are transport, boundary data, etc. In this study we choose first the phonon energy as a random variable, since its value influences the energy jump appearing in the collision integral for electron-phonon scattering. Then we choose the lattice temperature as a random variable, as it defines the value of the collision operator terms in the case of electron - phonon scattering by being a parameter of the phonon distribution. The random variable for this case is a scalar then. We present our numerical simulations for this last case.
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