Statistics Seminar - Gregory Pond - Modern statistical issues in cancer clinical trials


Title: Modern statistical issues in cancer clinical trials

Speaker: Gregory Pond (McMaster University)

Abstract:  Oncology clinical trials involve a myriad of unique challenges. This includes clinically important outcomes which require years of patient follow-up, a heterogenous population defined by imprecise or unknown genetic or genomic biomarkers, extremely expensive and frequently toxic therapies, and patients who are often frail and comorbid. Biostatisticians have proposed a number of novel design and analytic techniques,such as novel statistics such as the Frailty Index, Number Needed to Treat or using effect sizes as a replacement for p-values, Bayesian analyses, surrogate biomarkers, dynamic and response adaptive allocation methods, and hierarchical,cluster-randomization and biomarker stratified designs.This talk will introduce some of these concepts and comment on their use within modern day cancer clinical trials.

Date/Time: Tuesday March 2, 2021, 3:30 - 4:30 

Location: Virtual 

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