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AIMS Lab Seminar - Lindsey Daniels - Modelling the Sensing Applications of Graphene-based Field Effect Transistors


Speaker: Lindsey Daniels

Title: Modelling the Sensing Applications of Graphene-based Field Effect Transistors

Abstract: Nano-scale devices continue to challenge the theoretical understanding of microscopic systems. Of particular interest is the characterization of the interface electrochemistry of sensors, which operate as field effect transistors with graphene in contact with the solution. While plenty of experimental research has been conducted in regard to the viability and sensitivity of graphene-based devices, the understanding of the microscopic and macroscopic physics of these sensors has lagged, unlike any other areas of applications for graphene. 
When considering the sensitivity of graphene-based sensors to ion concentration and/or pH of the surrounding environment, a site-binding model that allows hydrogen and hydroxyl groups to adsorb onto the surface of the device is proposed. The favourable comparisons here are the first steps in developing a comprehensive model of graphene based biological and chemical sensors.

Date/Time: Monday October 5, 11:30am - 12:20pm

Location: Virtual

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