Algebra and Algebraic Geometry Seminar - Graduate Student Talks


Two talks, back to back, 25 minutes each

Speaker 1: Alun Stokes (McMaster)

Title 1: An introduction to Belyi maps

Abstract: We will give an introduction to the theory of dessin d'enfant and Belyi maps, focusing mainly on computational aspects in the genus zero case. Relationships with modular forms and noncongruence subgroups will be touched on.

Speaker 2: Nathan Heisz (McMaster)

Title 2: Some p-adic properties of hypergeometric series

Abstract: We will give an introduction to p-adic number fields. As an application we will discuss a conjecture on densities of bounded primes for hypergeometric series with rational coefficients, whose parameters lie in a quadratic extension of the rational numbers.

Location: Virtual
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