Degrees Awarded - PhD Math

Ph.D. Mathematics Degrees

2022 Lee Van Brussel L. Bronsard  Boundary Versus Interior Defects for a Ginzburg-Landau Model with Tangential Anchoring Conditions
2021 Uyen Le D. Pelinovsky  Existence and Stability of Periodic Waves in the Fractional Korteweg{de Vries Type Equations
2021 Mu He N. Balakrishnan Some Flexible Families of Mixture Cure Frailty Models and Associated Inference [PhD Statistics]
2020 Wenxing Guo N. Balakrishnan Advances on Dimension Reduction for Multivariate Linear Regression [PhD Statistics]
2020 Samantha-Jo Caetano G. Pond Improving the accuracy of statistics used in de-identification and model validation (via the concordance statistic) pertaining to time-to-event data [PhD Statistics]
2020 James Rooney M. Valeriote On the Complexity of Several Mal'tsev Condition Satisfaction Problems
2020 Raphael Yan T. Pirvu Applications of Stochastic Control Theory in The Trading of Stocks and Futures
2020 Adilbek Kairzhan D. Pelinovsky Nonlinear waves on metric graphs
2020 Michael Gallaugher P. McNicholas Analysis of Three-Way Data and Other Topics in Clustering and Classification  [PhD Statistics]
2019 Hanci Chi M. Wang Cohomogeneity One Einstein Metrics on Vector Bundles
2019 Tyler Meadows G. Wolkowicz Applications of Dynamical Systems to Industrial Microbiology
2019 Zelalem Negeri J. Beyene Contributions to statistical methods for meta-analysis of diagnostic test accuracy studies
2019 Tian Feng N. Balakrishnan Cure Rate and Destructive Cure Rate Models Under Proportional Odds Lifetime Distributions
2019 Muzzaffar Mallo P. McNicholas Random Forest Analogues for Mixture Discriminant Analysis
2018 Kai Liu N. Balakrishnan Marginal Likelihood Inference for Frailty and Mixture Cure Frailty Models under Birnbaum-Saunders and Generalized Birnbaum-Saunders Distributions
2018 Homayun Karimi H. Boden Alternating Virtual Knots
2018 Tao Tan N. Balakrishnan Univariate and Bivariate ACD Models for High-Frequency Data Based on Birnbaum-Saunders and Related Distributions
2018 Peter Sinclair D. Haskell Relationships between Model Theory and Valuations of Fields
2018 Karsten Hempel D. Earn Detecting epidemic coupling among geographically separated populations
2018 Alberto Chicco M. Valeriote Prime Maltsev Conditions and Congruence n-Permutability
2018 Alexandr Chernyavskiy D. Pelinovsky Hamiltonian methods in PT -symmetric systems
2017 Oumar Mbodji T Pirvu Time Consistent Behaviour and Discount Rates
2017 Nkumbuludzi Ndwapi P. McNicholas Robust Discriminant Analysis with Asymmetric Classes
2017 Diogo Pocas J. Zucker Analog Computablility in Differential Equations
2017 Sayantee Jana

J. Hamid
N. Balakrishnan

Inference for Generalized Multivariance Analysis of Variance (GMANOVA) models and High-dimensional Extensions
2017 Chengwei Qin N. Balakrishnan The First Passage Time of Degradation Processes
2017 Sandip Barui N. Balakrishnan Cure Rate and Destructive Cure Rate Models Under Proportional Hazards Lifetime Distributions
2017 Alessandro Selvitella N. Balakrishnan Some Contributions to Distribution Theory and Applications
2017 Yuhong Wei P. McNicholas Extending Growth Mixture Models and Handling Missing Values via Mixtures of Non-Elliptical distributions
2017 Kirill Mayorov N. Balakrishnan Validation and Inferential Methods for distributional form and shape
2017 Yang Tang P. McNicholas

Dimensionality Reduction in Non-Gaussian Mixtures

2017 Monica Wong P. McNicholas Topics in One-Way Supervised Biclustering Using Gaussian Mixture Models
2017 Quentin Shao T. Hurd Models for Systemic Risk
2017 Lindsay White H. Boden & A. Nicas Alexander Invariants of Periodic Virtual Knots
2016 Hossein Taghinejad D. Haskell Bounding the Decay of P-Adic Oscillatory Integrals with a Constructible Amplitude Function and a Subanalytic Phase Function
2016 Amay Cheam P. McNicholas Mixture Models for ROC Curve and Spatio-Temporal Clustering
2016 Lauren DeDieu M. Harada Newton-Okounkov Bodies of Bott Samelson and Peterson Varieties
2016 Yusuke Shimabukuro D. Pelinovsky Stability and well-posedness in integrable evolution equations
2016 Hon Yiu So N. Balakrishnan Some Inferential Results for One-shot Device Testing Data Analysis
2016 Paula Murray P. McNicholas Detecting Non-Elliptical Clusters
2016 Adrien Thierry A. Deza Novel Structural Properties and Improved Bound for Distinct Squares in Strings
2016 Chai Molina D. Earn The good, the finite and the infinite
2015 Matthew Luther B. Hart Unbounded Continuous Logic and Metric Geometry
2015 Alexandra Teslya G. Wolkowicz Predator-Prey Models with Ditstributed Time Delay
2015 Dan Quach F. Hoppe A statistical framework for distinguishing between aleatory and epistemic uncertainties in the best-estimate plus uncertainty (BEPU) nuclear safety analyses.
2015 Sara Alzaid L. Bronsard Gamma convergence results in high magnetic fields for superconducting thin film with holes and Ginzburg-Landau Models for superconductors with normal inclusions.
2015 Xiaojun Zhu N. Balakrishnan Inference for Birnbaum-Saunders, Laplace and Some Related Distributions under Censored Data
2014 Chris Cappadocia A. Nicas Large scale dimension theory of metric spaces
2014 Diego Ayala B. Protas Extreme vortex states and singularity formation in incompressible flows 
2014 Ick Huh R. Viveros-Aguilera Optimal Monitoring Models for Univariate and Multivariate Control Charts 
2014 Xingli Wei  F. Hoppe Parameter Estimation and Prediction Intervalsfor location - Scale Models with Nuclear Applications
2013 Youzhou Zhou S. Feng Asymptotic Theory for Three Infinite Dimensional Diffusion Processes 
2013 Suvra Pal N. Balakrishnan Likelihood -Based Inferential Methods for some Flexible Cure Rate Models 
2013 Qi Gao S. Alama Solutions of a Two-Component  Ginzburg-Landau System
2013 Jizhan Hong D. Haskell Immediate expansion by valuation of fields
2013 Bernardo Reis Carneiro
da Costa Lima
M. Grasselli The Dynamical Systems Approach to Macroeconomics
2013 Nima Anvari I. Hambleton Equivariant Gauge Theory and Four Manifolds
2013 Anton Sakovich D. Pelinovsky Nonlinear waves in weakly coupled lattices
2012  Man Ho Ling N. Balakrishnan Inference for one-shot Device Testing Data
2012  Debanjan Mitra N. Balakrishnan Likelihood Inference For Left Truncated and Right Censored Lifetime Data
2012  Feng Su N. Balakrishnan Exact likelihood inference for multiple exponential populations under joint censoring
2012  Reza Taleb M. Kolster An Equivariant Main Conjecture in Iwasawa Theory and the Coates-Sinnott Conjecture for the prime 2
2012  Fang Xu S. Feng Stochastic models associated with the two-parameter Poisson-Dirichlet distribution
2011  Jean-Martin Albert B. Hart Strong conceptual completeness and various stability-theoretic results in continuous model theory
2011  George Dragomir H. Boden On the existence of closed geodesics on compact developable orbifolds
2011  Xiaoye Fu J. Gabardo Some applications of self-affine sets to wavelet theory
2011  Jonah Horowitz M. Valeriote Results on the Computational Complexity of Linear Idempotent Mal'cev Conditions
2011  Olga Krylova D. Earn Predicting transition dynamics of infectious diseases via mathematical modeling
2011  William Volterman N. Balakrishnan On Some Inferential aspects for Type II and progressively Type II censoring
2011  Zhuowei Zhou T. Hurd Understanding the capital structure of a firm through market prices
2010  Elena Alexandru-Gajura M. Grasselli Utility indifference valuation of life insurance risks
2010  Dezhon Chen M. Wang Bundle construction of Einstein manifolds.
2010  Meng Fai Lim R. Sharifi Duality over p-adic Lie extensions of global fields
2010  Colin Reid A. Rosa Special block-colourings of Steiner 2-designs
2009  Guihong Fan G. Wolkowicz Predator-Prey Models With Discrete Time Delay
2009  Laurel Miller-Sims D. Haskell Definite Forms in Valued Fields
2009  Xuan Zhang N. Balakrishnan Exact Analysis of Exponential Two-Component System Failure Data
2008  Marina Chugunova D. Pelinovsky Spectral Stability Of Nonlinear Waves In Dynamical Systems
2008  Donghoon (David) Han N. Balakrishnan Some Contributions to Inferential Issues of Censored Exponential Failure Data
2008  Qiuping Lu S. Alama Compact Support and Dead Cores for Stationary Degenerate Diffusion Equations
2008  Eissa Nematollahi T. Terlaky Worst-Case Examples of Interior-Point Trajectories
2008  Mehmetcik Pamuk I. Hambleton Homotopy Self-Equivalences of Four-Manifolds
2008  Semra Pamuk I. Hambleton Periodic Resolution and Finite Group Actions
2008  Bradley Wagner D. Earn Modeling Vaccination Strategies for the Control and Eradication of Childhood Infectious Disease
2008  Zhenbin Yan W. Craig Birkhoff Normal Forms for the Gross-Pitaevskii Equation
2008  Chuang Yi T. Hurd Three Essays on Credit Risk Modeling
2008  Xingqiu Zhao N. Balakrishnan New Nonparametric Tests for Panel Count Data
2007  Jens Corsman M. Kolster Redei Symbols and Governing Fields
2007  Imre Polik T. Terlaky Nonstandard Duality Concepts in Conic and Quadratic Optimization
2007  Scott Rodney E. Sawyer Existence of Weak Solutions to Subelliptic Partial Differential Equations in Divergence Form and the Necessity of the Sobolev and PoincarĂ© Inequalities
2007  Yongmin Yu R. Viveros-Aguilera Some Contributions to Statistical Process Control
2006  Jahrul Alam N. Kevlahan A Space-Time Adaptive Wavelet Method for Turbulence.
2006  Sergio Fratarcangeli P. Speissegger Rolle leaves and o-minimal structures
2006  Daihai He D. Earn Modeling of Childhood Infectious Diseases
2006  Maziar Salahi T. Terlaky New Adaptive Interior Point Algorithms for Linear Optimization
2006  Qihao Xie N. Balakrishnan Exact inference for step-stress model under different forms of censoring
2005  Ross Griffiths M. Kolster A Genus Formula for Etale Hilbert Kernels in a Cyclic p-Power Extension
2005  Tao Li N. Balakrishnan Ordered Ranked Set Samples and Applications to Statistical Inference
2005  Lucian Savin I. Hambleton P.A. Smith Theory for Coarse Homology
2005  Xiaojiang Yu J. Gabardo Wavelet Sets, Integral Self-Affine Tiles and Nonuniform Multiresolution Analyses
2004  Jeong-Ae Kim N. Balakrishnan Inferential Methods for Censored Bivariate Normal Data
2004  Po Yang N. Balakrishnan Indicator Polynomial Functions and their Applications in Two-level Factorial Designs
2003  Mihail Tanase I. Hambleton Smooth Finite Group Actions on Definite 4-Manifolds Inducing Permutations on Homology
2003  Ping Wu S. Feng Financial Filtering and Model Calibration
2002  Hon Keung Tony Ng N. Balakrishnan Contributions to Parametric and Nonparametric Inference in Life Testing
2002  Ion Rada M. Kolster The Lichtenbaum Conjecture at the Prime 2
2002  Qi Jessie Zhou N. Balakrishnan Inferential Methods for Extreme Value Regression Models
2001  Robert Smith G. Wolkowicz Impulsive Differential Equations with Applications to Self-Cycling Fermentation
1999  David Dolan A. El-Shaarawi Spatial Statistics using Quasi-Likelyhood Methods with Applications
1999  Yimin Ma N. Balakrishnan Bayesian and Emperical Bayesian Analysis for the Trunction Parameter Distribution Families
1998  Alison J. Burnham R. Viveros-Aguilera
J.F. MacGregor
Multivariate latent Variable Regression: Modelling and Estimation
1998  Shan Liang Sheng N. Balakrishnan Classical and Bayesian Approaches to Ninlinear Models based on Human In Vivo Cadmium Data
1998  Robert Nikola Stamicar J. Chadam A Free Boundary Problem Modelling Zoning in Rocks
1997  Spiro Daoussis G. Wolkowicz Complicated Dynamics of a Three Species Chemostat Food Chain
1997  Lu-Qi Wang E. Sawyer Pseudo-Differential Operators with Rough Coefficients
1996  Rebecca Ann Adams G. Moore The History of Metrization in Early General Topology
1996  Rita Aggarwalla N. Balakrishnan Progressive Sensoring and Generalized Distributions
1996  Changsheng Chen J. Chadam Bioremediation in a Porous Medium: Modelling Theory and Applications
1996  Aaron Childs N. Balakrishnan Advances in Statistical Inference and Outlier Related Issues
1996  Eric Derbez G. Slade The Scaling Limit of Lattice Trees above Eight Dimensions
1996  Franco Guerriero B. Mueller Uniform Modules over Goldie Prime Serial Rings
1996  Jeffrey Hooper V.P. Snaith Some Families of Quaternion Fields and the Second Chinburg Conjecture
1996  Minh Van Tran V.P. Snaith The Second Chinburg Conjecture for Quarternion Fields
1996  Jun Wang M. Wang Einstein Metrics on Bundles
1996  Sichun Wang H. Heinig Maximal Estimates of Solutions to DispersivePartial Differential Equations
1996  Christian Weber I. Hambleton Gauge Theory on Nonorientable Four-Manifolds
1995  Mary Margaret Ballyk G. Wolkowicz Mathematical Models Involving Multiple Resource Limitation
1995  Boris Brauckmann M. Kolster Etale K-Theory and Iwasawa Theory of Number Fields
1995  Suyun Chen A. Pierce Well-Posedness and Wavelet-Based approximations for Hypersingular Intregal Quotations
1995  Michael Klemm I. Hambleton Finite Group Actions on Smooth 4-Manifolds with Indefinite Intersection Forms
1995  L. L. Menaka Lelwala B. Mueller Uniform Modules over Serial Rings
1995  Sean Milosevic-Hill M. Tiku Non-Normal Analysis of Variance and Regression Procedures Based on Modified Maximum Likelyhood Estimators
1995  Tarit Kanti Saha A. El-Shaarawi Lagrance Multiplier Tests of Autoregressive Models
1994  Dalibor Froncek A. Rosa Decompositions of Complete Multipartite Graphs and Group Divisible Designs into Isomorphic Factors
1993  Ping Shin Ben Chan N. Balakrishnan A Statistical Study of Log-Gamma Distribution
1993  Brian Mccudden V.P. Snaith Explicit Brauer Induction and Shintani Descent
1993  Monica A. Oravas A. Rosa On the Existence of Almost Uniform Linear Spaces
1992  Anneliese Schauerte B. Banaschewski Biframes
1992  Nabil Shalaby A. Rosa Skolem Sequence: Generalizations and Applications
1991  Rohan Ambagaspitiya N. Balakrishnan MML Estimators and Robust Classification and Linear Regression Procedures
1991  Xiangdong Chen B. Banaschewski Closed Frame Homomorphisms
1991  John Harding G. Bruns Sheaves of Orthomodular Lattices and Macneille Completions
1990  Greg Schlitt B. Banaschewski N-Compact Frames and Applications
1990  Ying-Lan Zhang B. Mueller Ore Localizations and Irreducable Representations of the First Weil Algebra
1989  Janine Elizabeth Carter A. Rosa Designs on Cubic Multigraphs
1989  Pramod K Das A. Rosa Almost Selfcomplementary Graphs and Extensions
1989  Richard Squire B. Banaschewski Presheaf Toposes and Propositional Logic
1987  A.K. Gaur T. Husain Relative Numerical Ranges of Elements of Banch and L.M.C.-Algebras
1987  Abdul Latif T. Husain Fixed Points of Nonexpansive Type Multivalued Maps
1987  Gordon Sinnamon E. Sawyer Operators on Lebesgue Spaces with General Measures
1986  Salah Abbas
Ahmed Emara
H. Heinig Mixed Weighted Inequalities for Classes of Operators
1986  Mahmoud Ahmed
B. Mueller Modules in which Coplements are summands
1985  S.T. El-Helaly T. Husain Topological Algebras with Orthogonal M-bases
1985  Michael S. Roddy G. Bruns Varieties of Modular Ortholattices
1984  Maria Luisa Torres
De Squire
J. Stewart Amalgams of L^p and l^q
1983  Kiran Bhutani B. Banaschewski Abelian Groups in a Topos of Sheaves on a Locale
1983  Chung Je Cho A. Rosa Combinatorial Designs with Prescribed Automorphism Types
1983  David G. Poole B. Mueller Prime Ideals and Localization in Noetherian ore Extensions
1982  Willem G. Jansen B. Mueller Bounded Noetherian Prime Rings of Injective Dimension One
1981  Donna Marie Carr D.H. Pelletier Ineffability Properties of P_{K_lambda}}
1981  Gena Hahn A. Rosa Directed Hypergraphs: The Group of Their Composition
1980  Mohammad Mehdi
B. Banaschewski Algebra in a Topos of Sheaves
1980  Syed Mohammad
Tariq Rizvi
B. Mueller Contributions to the Theory of Continuous Modules
1980  Nagwa A.E.H. Sherif Z. Kovarik Transformation and Perturbation of Subspaces of a Banach Space
1980  John Albert Tiller B. Banaschewski Continuous Lattices and Convexity Theory
1979  John Scott Bradley H. Heinig Weighted Norm Inequalities and Homogeneous Spaces
1979  John Christian Royle B. Mueller Prime Ideals in Rings Satisfying Polynomial Identities
1979  Lucille Lu Kow Zing I. Chorneyko K-Sample Analogues of the Kolmogorov-Smirnov Statistic and Binomial Group Tests
1978  Catharine Anne Baker N. Lane Ordered Hjelmslev Planes
1978  Chee-Chong Lai B. Mueller Localization in Non-Noetherian Rings
1978  Wan-Meng Ong T. Husain Continuity of Positive Functionals and Representations
1978  Lothar Hermann Redlin T. Davison Hosszu’s Functional Equation
1978  Davis Vaughan H. Heinig The Marcinkeiwicz Interpolation Theorem
1978  Saleem H. Watson T. Husain Topological Algebras with Bases
1977  Quang Chu Le T. Husain Perurbations of Semi-Fredholm Operators in Locally Convex Topological Vector Spaces
1977  Sang Shin Lee B. Banaschewski Relative Adjointness and Preservation of Non-Existing Limits
1977  Manuel Lopez
C. Billigheimer Matrix and B*-Algebra Eigenfunction Expansions
1977  Roderick N.S.
B. Mueller Dualities Between Finitely Closed Subcategories of Modules
1977  Young Soo Park T. Choe Ordered Topological Spaces and Topological Semilattices
1977  Ronald Richards B. Mueller Noetherian Prime Rings of Krull Dimension One
1976  Mary Elizabeth
McLeish (Deutsch)
A. Rosa On the Number of Conjugates of Ternary Quasigroups
1976  A. Srinivasan T. Husain Numerical Ranges of Elements of Topological Algebras
1975  Juang Liang T. Husain Frechet Algebras with Schauder Bases
1975  Joseph Mogyorosy R. Lintz Covering Dimension and the Modeling Distribution
1974  Jag Mohan
Singh Chawla
M. Behara Entropies and the Isomorphism Problem for Bernoulli Shifts
1974  Young Hee Hong T. Choe Studies on Categories of Universal Topological Algebras
1974  Charlotte Hsiao
A. Rosa On Some Classe of Balanced Graph Designs
1974  M.K. Islam M. Behara Random Secants and Rays of Some Convex Geometrical Shapes
1974  Srinivasapur Mir Khaleelulla T. Husain Ordered Topological Vector Spaces and Groups
1974  Kenneth Mcdowell B. Mueller Commutative Coherent Rings
1974  Domenico Rosa T. Husain On Locally M-Convex Function Algebras
1974  Shaukat Ali Warsi T. Husain Bounded Pseudo-Complete Locally Convex *-Algebras
1974  Muhammad S. Younis J. Stewart Fourier Transforms of Lipschitz Functions On Compact Groups
1973  Sung Sa Hong B. Banaschewski Studies in Categorical Topology
1973  Christopher Robert Howlett B. Banaschewski Universal Algebra in Topoi
1973  Ramon Antonio
R. Lintz g-Derivatives and Gauss Structures on Differentiable Manifolds
1973  J. Rompke E. Behrens Partially Ordered, Primitive Regular Semigroups
1972  Vincent Buonomano R. Lintz Non-Deterministic Analysis and Differential Equations
1972  Octavio Garcia
T. Choe Partially Ordered Topological Spaces
1972  Sung-Jae Lee C. Billigheimer Ordinary Linear Differential Operators with Complex Coefficients
1972  Milos Novotny C. Billigheimer Integration and Laplace Transformation of Orthogonal Series
1971  Frank Paul Bozel T. Husain Bases and Cones in Locally Convex Spaces
1971  James Stanley Drake N. Lane Regular Sets, Scalar Multiplications and Abstractions of Distance Spaces
1971  John Girhiny R. Lintz Generalized Fibre Spaces
1971  Douglas Lloyd Grant T. Husain The Open Mapping and Closed Graph Theorem in Topological Groups and Semigroups
1971  Meera Gupta N. Lane Characteristics and Order for Polynomial Differentiability
1971  Vasagamoorthi Krishnasamy T. Husain On the Closed Graph nad Open Mapping Theorem
1971  Joseph Wilson Lorimer N. Lane Hjelmslev Planes and Toplogical Hjelmslev Planes
1971  Shu-Bun Ng T. Husain On the Positive and multiplicative Linear Functionals
1971  Gary Roy Spoar N. Lane An Analysis of Curves of Minimal Order as Regards the Type and Number of Singular Points
1970  Alan Richard Day G. Bruns Injectivity in Congruence Distributive Equational Classes of Algebras
1970  Donald Eugene
B. Banaschewski Universal Topological and uniform Algebra
1970  Denis Arthur Higgs G.O. Sabidussi Matroids on Complete Boolean Algebras
1970  Arnold Victor Jansen R. Lintz Some Mapping and Homological Properties of g-Functions
1970  Evelyn M. Nelson G. Bruns The Lattice of Equational Classes of Commutative Semigroups
1969  Barry Ward Fawcett G.O. Sabidussi Graphs and Ultrapowers
1968  James Arthur Gerhard G. Bruns The Lattice of Equational Classes of Idempotent Semigroups
1968  William Henson Graves G.O. Sabidussi Representation Theory of Partially Ordered Vector Spaces
1968  Young Lim Park B. Banaschewski Quotient-Like Extensions of Rings of Function
1967  Donald Winston Trevor Bean G.O. Sabidussi Infinite Exchange Systems
1967  Ernest Robert Bishop B. Banaschewski Generalized Lipschitz Algebras
1967  In Young Chung B. Banaschewski Universal Algebra Complexes, Extensions and Integral Elements
1967  Hoshang Pesotan
G. Bruns Extensions of a Partially Ordered Set
1967  Donald J. Miller G. Sabidussi Products and Factorizations of Graphs
1967  Roger Philip Rigelhof T. Husain The Measure of Algebra of a locally Compact Group
1966  John Williford Duskin G. Bruns Fibred Categories and the Theory of Structures
1966  Gabriel Klambauer G.O. Sabidussi On Semi-Definite Forms in Analysis
1966  Awadesh Kumar
B. Banaschewski Injective Hulls of Modules
1964  Krishna Tewari B. Banaschewski Complexes over an Algebra
1963  Angus Carmichael
B. Banaschewski A Filter Description for the Homomorphisms of the Algebra of Bounded Analytic Functions on the Unit Disc
1960  John Christopher
B. Banaschewski Functions, Uniformaties and Extension Spaces

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