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2018 Projects

Michael Cox "On Condition Numbers of On Condition Numbers ofCompanion Matrices" (Supervisor Dr A Van Tuyl)
David Faig " De nability of Tree Languages" (Supervisor Dr M Valeriote)
Alexei Kuzmin " Package evolvr: analysis of public goods games inPackage evolvr: analysis of public goods games infinite and infinite populations" (Supervisor Dr D Earn)
Roger Zhang " Intentional infection as a method of population-level disease control" (Supervisor Dr D Earn)
Fraser Walker " Keen model with exogenous shocks" (Supervisor Dr M Grasselli)

2017 Projects

Larry Wu: "Convexity and Extremality of Frame-associated Measures supported on the unit sphere SN-1" (Supervisor - Dr JP Gabardo)
Sam Budd: "An Introduction to f-Ideals and their Complements" (Supervisor - Dr A Van Tuyl)
Becky Hooper: " Shellability of the van der Waerden complex" (Supervisor - Dr A Van Tuyl)
Michael Riddell: "The Zero Forcing Number of Circulant Graphs" (Supervisors -  Dr A Van Tuyl and Dr K VenderMeulen)

2016 Projects

Madelaine Hill: "A Predator-Prey Model in the Chemostat with Holling Type II Dynamics" (Supervisor - Dr G Wolkowicz)

2015 Projects

Taylor Lesnick: "The Constructibility of the Regular n-gon" (Supervisor - Dr I Hambleton)
Ana Lucic: "Investigating Psychometric Aspects of Math-Oriented Questions on PISA Tests" (Supervisor - Dr M Lovric)

2014 Projects

Chris Gatapolous: "Braid Group Cryptography" (Supervisor -  Dr H Boden)
Joshua Lockridge: "On Solvable Polynomials and their Galois Groups" (Supervisor - Dr M Kolster)

2013 Projects

Bilal Abbasi: "Decay Rates of the Solutions of u = 0 in the Roberson-Walker Space-time" (Supervisor - Dr Walter Craig)
Maria Campanella:"Preserving Near Unanimity Termsunder Direct Products" (Supervisor - Dr M Valeriote)
Ben Goodman: "Two-Component Ginzburg Landau Functional" (Supervisor -  Dr S Alama)
Ashan James: "Coexistence of Two Serotypes of Dengue Virus with and without Seasonal Variation" (Supervisor -  Dr G Wolkowicz)
Amanda Kamping-Carder: "The Fermi-Pasta-Ulam System and Its Connection to the Boussinesq Equation" (Supervisor -  Dr W Craig)
Vivek Thampi: "Backward Bifurcations inWithin Host HBV/HCVModels" (Supervisor - Dr B Bolker)
Lindsay White: "Finite Simple Groups in Geometry and Topology" (Supervisor -  Dr I Hambleton)

2012 Projects

Mostafa Abdi: ''Study of Vortices in two-dimensional Harmonic Potentials" (Supervisor - Dr  D Pelinovsky)  
Islami Arash: ''Elliptic Curves and Elliptic Functions" (Supervisor - Dr C P Mok)  
Lauren DeDieu: '' Lambda-Harmonious Graph Colouring" (Supervisor - Dr A Rosa)  
Sophia Halassy: ''Modelling of Nerve Impulses" (Supervisor - Dr M Lovric)   
Zuzana Masarova: ''Reaction Graphs for Some Complete Graph Decompositions" (Supervisor - Dr A Rosa)  
Angelica Mendaglio: ''A Comparative Review of Mathematical Educational Strategies in Ontario and Finland" (Supervisor - Dr  M Lovric)  
Abdel-Aziz Shehata: '' Hasimoto's Trasnform and its Application to Vortex Filament Dynamics" (Supervisor - Dr W Craig
Ozlem Umdu: ''The Monstrous Moonshine" ( Supervisor - Dr M Kolster)

2011 Projects

Andrew Lovric: ''The Perplexities of Proofs" (Supervisor - Dr M Lovric)
Blake Rasmussen: ''The Independence of the Continuum Hypothesis from ZFC" (Supervisor - Dr B Hart)
Chi Zhang: ''Homoclinic and heteroclinic solutions of the forced pendulum" (Supervisor - Dr S Alama)
Anam Hafsa: ''Idempotent Maltsev Conditions" (Supervisor - Dr M Valeriote)
Peter Kandolf: ''Exponential Integrators" (Supervisor - Dr N Kevlahan)
Rober Pupo: ''Random Matrix Theory and its Ramifications in Number Theory" (Supervisor - Dr M Min-Oo)
Roqayia Shalabi: ''Springer Varieties, Fixed Points , and Young Tableau Combinatorics" (Supervisor - Dr M Harada)
Juan Senisterra: ''Dynamical analysis of the anaerobic digestion model as proposed by Hess and Bernard" (Supervisor - Dr G Wolkowicz)
Xuan Meng: ''Optimal Portfolios Selection under Value-at-Risk" (Supervisor - Dr T Pirvu)

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