Computing Resources

Beyond the standard applications provided by University Technology Services, researchers (faculty, postdocs, and graduate students) in the Department of Mathematics & Statistics have access to research computing facilities as well as printing, scanning and web site hosting supported by the RHPCS (Research and High-performance Computing Service). See here for information on printers and scanners in Hamilton Hall; remote access and shared resources (including available computing resources and software on the departmental servers); and hosting web sites and wikis.

Faculty have access to research computing resources via SHARCNET, which they can extend to their students; SHARCNET also runs webinars and courses on various aspects of high-performance computing.

Graduate students should make arrangements with their supervisors for required research computing hardware or software that is not otherwise available. In general the department will fund 1/3 of purchases (up to $500), with 2/3 coming from the supervisor. (For a limited time, funds are available to subsidize 1/3 up to $500 from a separate departmental fund, i.e. 2/3 (up to $1000) from departmental resources, 1/3 from the supervisor.)

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